10 fashion colors that we will wear in autumn winter 2022 2023

The fashion colors that will mark the trends and looks of fall winter 2022 2023

Something is changed. The coldest months are no longer told only through a palette of dark and gloomy colors: as lively as they are exuberant, the colors seen on the catwalks breathe life into the collections. There are no more seasons shrouded in a gray patina, as designers want to infuse us with joy with red, green, pink and blue, suggesting new and never-before-seen color combinations (which we can’t wait to try). Even minimalism is tinged with new nuances, thus abandoning the clear two-tone of black and white.

The colors of the soft power plaster

Anatomy of a Scandal with Sienna Miller – as we already anticipated – he redefined the rules of soft power plaster: a warning against those who take refuge in total black, offering many ideas on what to wear in winter without giving up on softer colors and neutral shades, such as bone white and camel. But there is also brown, sand, orange, green, iris and all these colors combine masterfully. It is the invitation of some designers to dress minimal in autumn winter 2022 2023.

Full camel look version

It is perhaps the symbolic color of soft power plastera valid alternative to total black that allows you to lighten the figure and not darken it.

Green and brown

The color of chocolate and wood comes to life with the most intense and brilliant green (because the green it’s not just Gen Z only).

delicate iris

It’s not as intense as purple or as bright as Very Pery, but it’s a subtle hue that pairs with the warmer brown palette.

white cream

There is not a single white and the one for the next winter season is absolutely sweet: perfect to enhance the adaptation or the folds of a geometric pleat.

The power of total look color

It’s a simple and clear style statement that aims to impress with the choice of color worn from head to toe. We even arrive at the almost monochromatic collection of Valentino, which tells endless stories using a single color or its absence: it is not red but fuchsia, baptized PP pink.

Then there is the red, intense and lit like an incandescent fire. It is contextualized in its sensual essence and thus it is distilled with transparent stockings, very short hemlines and corsets to express the power of feminine seduction.

The new neutral shades

The leather and nude fashion colors are perfect for everyday life, allowing us to definitively abandon total black (still present on the catwalks but in its most austere version). Try them alone or mixed.


the master key of the wardrobe, because it goes with everything. At Milan Fashion Week, she walked the runway in her basic outerwear – a structured jacket or midi skirt – stunning with her enveloping body and color. Wear it with gray and nude for a refined and daring daytime look.


Since this shade was revalued, becoming the symbol of a new sensuality, it has never been abandoned. To try in the mischievous version nude dress to sublimate every natural curve of the body.

classy blue

The daily uniform is dyed the darkest shade of blue, one that embraces the darkness of night. We find it in the preppy style suits of Miu Miu but also in the interpretation of the Sportmax office look, with a long skirt, a shirt and a tie cut in a fabric with fine stripes.

Blue sky

A fresh and luminous shade that is usually worn during warm seasons, but which will amaze in autumn winter 2022 2023.

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