20 short haircuts for trendy women: looks to copy

When a woman decides to transform her look, she almost always does it from her hair. If before they used to wear long hair at some point, they rely on their hairdresser to give them a nice cut that highlights the face.

And there are many short haircuts that become real trends, dictate fashion and look very stylish. Short hair, however, needs the same care as long hair, it is certainly more practical to dry, but to keep a look always in order it is good to follow some aesthetic advice.

Here we offer you the before and after of some female hair looks that have not regretted having a beautiful haircut.

  1. Bold cut
Source: @imallaboutdahair / Instagram

A daring short haircut definitely gives more brightness to the face and more lightness. Long hair is beautiful, but it doesn’t have to be heavy. In this case, the boy acquired greater freshness.

2. Blonde Bob

Source: @baldyglox / Instagram

For some time now, the bob has come back into fashion and this girl is perfectly highlighted by this new haircut.

3. A fresh cut

Source: @chopitoff/Instagram

This girl went from a mountain of curls to a very short and cheeky cut. Certainly, the head has lightened.

4. Short red cut

Source: @chopitoff/Instagram

They almost look like two different women and instead it’s the same thing. The very short cut highlights the features of the face and the brilliance of the eyes.

5. Linear cut

Source: @moderndesignfrisor / Instagram

The lighter color and shorter cut definitely brightened this girl’s face buying in her youth.

6. Voluminous cut

Source: @meucabelocurto / Instagram

If you need to give your hair some volume, this look is for you. The girl first had simple straight hair that was almost flat, then she brought it back to life with this new cut.

7. Perfect Bob

Source: @chopitoff/Instagram

This cut is suitable for all those girls who want the freedom to be able to play with their hair, make it wavy or leave it straight or even gather it in a ponytail.

8. Shorter Bob

Source: @brianhickman1/Instagram

Thanks to a shorter cut and the movement created by the bangs, this girl has acquired a greater freshness on the face and a touch of casual look.

9. Very short and lively cut

Source: @meucabelocurto / Instagram

This total change gave the girl a perfect look that suited her face.

10. Male Cut

Source: @cherise_hair / Instagram

The very short and masculine cut is not for everyone, but it is perfect for her.

11. Say goodbye to braids

Source: @merakiroomchicago / Instagram

12. Red and scaly

Source: @cherise_hair / Instagram

13. Definitely neater

Source: @thecutlife/Instagram

14. Voluminous Bob

15. Almost Shaved Cut

Source: @chopitoff/Instagram

Sometimes it takes courage to make such a big cut, bordering on shaving. But on this girl, it looks great.

16. A light and carefree cut

Source: @imallaboutdahair / Instagram

A shorter cut and a different color gave this girl some light.

17. An unconventional cut

Source: @theshorthairclub / Instagram

Sometimes one expects an all-others-approved cut for facial features. Instead, it’s good to think outside the box and want to totally change your image with a nice, unconventional cut.

18. A drastic cut

Source: @chopitoff/Instagram

Long hair is beautiful but after a while it gets tired. This girl who opted for a pretty cut at the shoulders knows it well.

19. A touch of modernity

Source: @theshorthairclub / Instagram

20. Blunt Bob

Source: @abeautyrecipe / Instagram

The bob cut is the real new trend – super straight hair with a blunt end.

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