A gesture of love for cancer patients: donating their hair

I admit: when my daughter informed me of her decision to get a haircut my heart sank, and it’s true that my eldest daughter is twenty-two, but a mother knows it, children remain children even when they grow up, even when they go to university, even when they tear their umbilical cord by going to live far away. I know it well too, that at fifty, I’m still the “child” of my parents, who are eighty, and they attract me like that when they talk about me to the people they meet.

Donatella always wore her hair very long, she also escaped a dreaded shave by the kindergarten teacher from Cesena, when after discovering that she had taken lice, he suggested a drastic cut to be done first, and to which, to his amazement, he heard his dad respond, “No, Dodo’s hair doesn’t touch, I’ll take the nits out one by one.” Move from words to actions. So let’s say it once and for all it is absolutely not true that in case of pediculosis they must be cut, it is one of the false myths of the past, and I add fortunately.

My daughter’s hair was Linus’ cover, if he twisted them on his finger just before falling into Morpheus’ arms, it was his ritual, he never used a pacifier, but his lullaby was like that. They were her protective shield when the world around her fell on her, when her father fell ill, and she always wore them like that, for a long time, once she had put them at the level of the buttocks, never a bullet in the head, which at his age I had already colored blond, black and blue, cut short with a brush after a double discoloration which ended badly. Let’s say that the law of retaliation works very well for us. Anyway, when she told me for the past few days that she’d decided she wanted to cut their hearts out, she lost a beat, but right after that I thought it was time for her to take her flight. So even though the grandmother almost fainted at the news and the grandfather almost cried, together we made an appointment at the hairdresser’s and on the appointed day I accompanied her and left her in the expert hands of ‘Irina, our hairdresser, who photographs by hand, has really made a little masterpiece.

Donatella’s hair, photo Irene Vella

Once the freshly cut braid lay on the table, my eyes watered, but immediately we thought it would be a shame to leave them in a drawer as a souvenir, and we remembered having read about the possibility of donate them to create wigs for cancer patients and we started looking for someone to send them to as they told us that as they were slightly discolored at the end they might not be suitable as gifts. So I put a post on Facebook asking for help and the response was so strong, that I thought it would be useful to share the information received for all those people who might be about to cut long hair and want to make a gesture that can enrich their soul. First of all, I would like to point out that there are many associations in Italy for the collection of hair, including colored ones, to be transformed into wigs for women undergoing chemotherapyI’m going to make a short list for you: in Veneto there is http://www.lacurasonoio.it, in Puglia there is http://www.unangelopercapello.it, in England there is a wonderful association called Little Princess Trust (you can also find it on Instagram) which collects them for little cancer patients, in Lombardy there is a collection center in La fata disheveled whose owner Flora of Donato has made it its mission to help women who find themselves fighting a double battle, that of life and that of continuing to see themselves as a woman in the mirror.

Flora of Donato

Our choice fell precisely on the latter, and so I contacted the owner of the salon, discovering, among other things, a fantastic project of which she became the spokesperson, collecting a hundred yards of donated hair. For every braid a story, for every patient who receives a donor who writes an accompanying thought, and knowing that my Dona’s hair would bring joy to another woman’s head and story, and that their lives would meet and mingle, it filled me with pride and in an instant we packed up those locks and shipped them. “The girls are the ones who give the most – Flora told us – they have huge hearts and they are so excited that every time we get excited with them. There are many stories I could tell, but the one that has remained in our hearts is that of a Sicilian girl who cut her long braids and had them delivered to us by her mother who travels for work, accompanied by a drawing that she made herself .. d ‘her, the day she showed up at the store, I have to admit that we were all moved. We dedicated this project to my mother-in-law Anna who unfortunately passed away, to Francesca who is the mother of a of my employees and to Laura and Rosa who are two of my clients who are no longer there, all of whom died of cancer. I couldn’t imagine that sick women would have to pay dearly for wigs that would help them better live through this war.so i decided to open the shop and not lose even a strand, every braid we harvest is a smile we will give to those who receive it, because love heals.”

The association that will receive the donated hair is A room for a smile after a long search, after having ensured that the wigs are indeed given to those who need them, because hair loss is one of the contraindications shocking things about chemo and it’s often experienced as a loss of identity. How to donate your braid? Length from 25cm. If you live near the store (Cologno Monzese) you can go directly with your washed hair specifying that you want to cut it and donate it, if you are far away you can go to your hairdresser always with clean hair, divide the hair into two or three strands depending on the mass, tie at the end, make a braid, tie at the end, cut and pack, ship to the address: The spectacular fairy, viale Toscana 24, Cologno monzese Milan 20093if you wish, you can write a message that will be given to the person who will receive your gift.

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