An idea for the head: the seventies hairstyles that are trending today

It was one of the most intense, revolutionary and sometimes rebellious decades. A decade marked by revolutions and creative peaks whose reflection marked fashion, art, and finally the world of beauty. Especially the universe Hair, sprinkled with hairlooks, cuts, hairstyles, full and fluffy brushings which today would make the trend. Of curtain blow to the explosion of fluffy curls, from fly cuts to rock icons in smooth Jane Birkin style.

“That of the seventies it was a decade of freedom, transgression, political struggles, but also of great creativity in all areas. Years that have seen the birth of revolutionary innovations also in fashion and style”, he says Alessio Turini, hairdresser and Evos Hairdressers teacher. “The watchwords were imagination and versatilitytwo essentials that still remain today because they leave each woman the freedom to interpret herself and her unique and personalized style”.

The style of the 70s

“It oscillates between all the types of lengths that come in voluminous hairstyles, ultra straight and super curly hair (up to afro), also thanks to the looks of many celebrities of this period. Starting from Farrah Fawcett, perhaps the most famous chef of those years. Voluminous, with soft and fluffy waves, the parting in the middle and, essential of the seventies, the long curtain fringe“.

Farrah Fawcett with her soft, fluffy hair and iconic curtain bangs

Archive of Michael Ochs

Brigitte Bardot’s French Fringe

The fringed curtain was launched in the 60s by Brigitte Bardot and was called “à la française”, slightly open in the center. Today, it is back on the front of the stage, in particular thanks to its length which allows it to be moved to the side and worn in a tuft. After all, bangs were a staple of the era: by the rock star Marianne Faithfulwith a long version on long and straight hair, to the short and unstructured one launched by david bowie with the mullet cut”.

Brigitte Bardot, mid 1960s, with her curtain fringe opening slightly in the center


The timeless sweetness

“Another hairstyle typical of the era is long, straight hair, worn loose and usually with long bangs, often paired with accessories such as bandanas, scarves and headbands. The movie icons that made this look immortal are Jane Birkin And Francoise Hardy. Then Ali MacGrow (the Jenny of Love story), with its boho-chic style with straight lengths and a parting in the middle. Today, his could be defined as a Coachella style”.

Jane Birkin

Ronald Dumont

At full volume

“Unforgettable the curly hair of the XXL volume of Diana Ross And Donna Summer still in fashion today.

The cuts of the time that are in fashion today

“Certainly the shag cut, which has become iconic thanks to Jane Fonda. Even today it is chosen by many celebrities because it not only adapts to all hair, straight and curly, but also because it is very versatile in styling. Among the hot haircuts then brought back into fashion, we also find the mullet, and today more than ever cult. The biggest rock stars like david bowie, Mick Jagger and Patti Smith. With the new Evos SS2022 collection, we have reinterpreted the mullet on one of the coolest cuts of the moment: the Clavicut, from seduce gritty that focuses on the bangs. Touching the eyelashes, it opens at the height of the cheekbones which merge with the length of the rest of the hair, measured in the scales, which reach the height of the collarbones, in fact”.

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