At 12 she donates her hair

The wicks collected in mats before and after the cut

Camilla Emma’s gesture of love in memory of her friend Maria Sole and her grandfather. The mother: “He measured them every day hoping to reach the required length”

GROSSETO. There are bonds that are never forgotten and special gestures that come from the heart and bring smiles and hope to those who are sick.

Camilla Emma, ​​12, a second-year student from Grosseto, knows this well. In her very young life, she has already twice given something of herself, very intimate and precious, like her hair, to remember the affections that are always with her in memory and in love.

Witness to this gesture, the mother, Francesca, recounts with emotion the determination with which her daughter strongly wanted each time to give something of herself for a solidarity project greater than herself.

“My daughter – remembers her mother Francesca – was in the class parallel to that of Maria Sole Marras and they studied music together. Sole died in 2017 from the terrible disease that struck her and a few months later, while leafing through the magazine “Donna Moderna”, my daughter discovered the possibility of donating hair to cancer patients who needed wigs. When she was young, she asked for my help because she wanted to do this gesture to remember her friend Maria Sole”.

In the meantime, another mourning is testing the sensitive Carlotta Emma, ​​who in 2019 also loses her grandfather Giancarlo to whom she was very attached.

So a few months ago the desire to remember these different but so significant characters in his life reappears in his life with a new gift but this time there is one more obstacle.

“In the meantime – says Francesca – we discover that the rules have changed and that the minimum length of hair to give away this time is 40 centimeters: hers were shorter. But my daughter is not discouraged and every day she asks me to measure her hair to know if she is ready for the cut”.

At Easter, the turning point: Carlotta Emma’s hair came to measure 42 centimeters. It is the well-known hairdresser Ulysse who prepares the locks according to the rules of the project and cuts them.

Carlotta Emma just has to get used to the new short look and decide what phrase to accompany the gift with.

The words he chooses are few and simple, “A smile and a hug full of love”, in a yellow smile with heart-shaped eyes. And then, only after, when things are done, a message to Isabella and Leonardo, the parents of Maria Sole who see day after day the gestures of love multiply in memory of their little girl.

“Donations are rare because the hair must have certain characteristics beyond the length requirement which is not insignificant, especially for a girl – says Francesca – That’s why I wanted to share the story of my daughter because the Smile project is serious and it is also linked to the “Wig Bank”: when a person recovers fortunately or in the event of death unfortunately, the wigs are sterilized and regenerated so that they can still help d ‘other people “.

The Smile project was born in 2011 thanks to the Atri Onlus association and is supported by Tricostarch and the Prometeus Onlus Foundation. It allows you to donate your hair which will be used to make wigs and post-treatment hair reconstructions for cancer patients at

only treatment cost. Those who donate hair have the possibility of leaving a thought, a “smile” in fact, to the person who will receive this gift, thus creating the symbolic link of solidarity.

To find out more about the Smile project, whose motto is “the right to beauty for all”, visit the website

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