“Beauty is a sentence”. Martina Colombari against prejudice

What is beauty? For Martine Colombari, it is a condemnation. Words that make us reflect and understand that being beautiful, in Italy, translates into “lightness and discrimination”. A subject widely treated and too often underestimated. More and more actresses talk about beauty by showing its negative side: however, Colombari has found her way to feel free. Where is it? At the theatre.

Martina Colombari against the beauty that “stings”

Martina Colombari, during an interview with Today, he discussed the beauty at length, calling it a condemnation and for this reason it was always judged. Being beautiful forced her to continually have to demonstrate more, at every moment of her life, at all levels: she always had to question herself, work twice as hard to be able to assert herself, as an actress, as a as a woman, but also as a wife or simply as a mother. Her physical appearance thus becomes an additional burden to bear, indeed: for the prejudice that beauty blunts all talent still persists today.

When they pointed out that it was precisely because of her beauty that she won Miss Italy at 16, Colombari replied: “They tell me I’m a hypocrite, It’s not like that. There are a lot of prejudices, envy. In Italy, beauty rhymes with lightness. It’s a discrimination“. And this is not a thought that is far from reality, and among other things – we emphasize – it does not only concern people linked to the world of entertainment. Even in everyday life, beauty is almost associated with a talent, the only one you have: a prejudice born of difficult times to eradicate.

Comments for her thinness on Instagram

Colombari’s life has long been influenced by his physical appearance, but not only. In fact, in recent times, many have left him really unpleasant comments on social networks, relating to his thinness. And once again we wonder how it is possible that when faced with a talent we focus on something else while forgetting everything else, the silhouette, the personality, the skill.

What is Martina Colombari doing today? The revival in the theater

A dizzying career, an actress who has always lent herself to television, as to the cinema. But it is in the theater that she seems to have found her own way, freed from these prejudices which have driven her away so much over time. “In 47 years, the theater is the only place where I don’t feel judged and I can be myself, even if I play someone else”. A place that she looks forward to arriving in the morning, precisely at the Manzoni Theater in Milan, where she is currently busy with comedy Russian mountainswith Corrado Tedeschi.

“I have been waiting for such an opportunity for a long time, I think I have not been fully exploited, all my strings have not been used, which I may not even know I had”. A real rebirth, a way to get out of your shell, your armor, and explore other facets of your acting talent. And there’s really nothing better than feeling good about yourself, going against those prejudices that have forced her to question herself for so long, to have to give and show more and more more.

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