Beauty queen Miss Great Britain finds out she is related to Princess Diana

A beauty queen hoping to be crowned Miss Great Britain has swapped one tiara for another after discovering she was a distant relative of the late Princess Diana.

Social media manager Niamh Gwen, 24, from Chorley, Lancashire, is a former Miss Preston GB and was stunned to learn of her unusual connection to the Royal Family.

Her mother, Donna, 59, made an exciting connection after researching an online genealogy site which showed the two are both related to the Princess of Wales’ 13th great-grandmother, as well as his 15th great-grandfather.

Niahm said: “My mother was interested in finding out her ancestors and wanted to record them while she still knew a few generations before.

Beauty queen Miss Great Britain finds out she is related to Princess Diana

Niamh is related to the 13th great-grandmother and 15th great-grandfather of the Princess of Wales

“We’re related to both Princess Diana’s 13th great-grandmother and 15th great-grandfather (so not castle-worthy but exciting nonetheless!).

“My brother, Dean, and I thought he was joking. We love Diana, who doesn’t?

“Of course, we both did it with friends and family (“everything makes sense, I knew I was real, etc.”) my brother laughed because he actually has a door Lady Diana keys on her house keys!”

Despite her certified royal look, queen-sized wardrobe and confident attitude, Niamh revealed that she didn’t always feel like the showpiece.

He said: “I really struggled with confidence and general anxiety. I needed to do something outside of my comfort zone.

“It’s the best thing I’ve ever done and I can’t wait to compete in Miss Great Britain.

“Now I have a lot more confidence in myself and I feel more comfortable with myself.”

Just like the late Princess of Wales, Niamh also supports a number of charitable causes collecting hundreds of items for Mind, Variety and the local women’s shelter and raising £8,000 for charity.

Participants in this year’s Miss Great Britain pageant will also raise funds for cancer research, a cause close to Niamh’s heart.


Niahm hopes to win big at Miss Great Britain

He added: “This month is skin cancer awareness.

“I feel very attached to cancer research like myself and I’m sure almost everyone else has been touched by cancer.

“My mum noticed a very abnormal mole on my back that had changed over time, the sides were uneven, it was two different colors and it was raised, all of which are signs to look out for.

“I had never been a big tanner and I have dark coloring so I never thought I needed to worry but when I went to the hospital for a checkup they wanted have them removed at that time.

“It was very scary, but luckily it wasn’t melanoma, but I’m still very wary of sunbathing, sun loungers and I always wear sun factor 50 and SPF every day.”

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