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Human beings are constantly in search of beauty or so it seems… Let’s start like this Beauty Water review. They yearn not only for outward beauty, but also for the beauty that creates the perfect human being, to be smarter, more athletic, and even kinder. When we can modify our bodies so easily with medical procedures, technological implants and digital enhancements, we may be part of thewas posthuman and this is the premise of the last South Korean horror animated film from the creator of the webtoon Oh Seong DaeBeauty Water.

Only an author like him could come up with a concept of miraculous water that literally helps you get rid of your imperfections to become beautiful, if only on the surface. This animated film is based on a story ofthriller anthology by Oh, Tales of the unusual, but there are differences. Yaeji’s character (Moon Nam-sook) receives a deeper backstory and new characters are introduced such as celebrity Miri (Kim Bo-young) and talent manager (Choi Seung-hoon). The roles of some characters have also changed, such as the art student who helped sculpt Yaeji’s face, being replaced by the official surgeon Beauty Water (Jo Hyeon-jeong).

Beauty Water is also an animated horror thriller that has caused a stir on the international animation festival scene.

Adapted from the hugely popular Webtoon Naver “Tales of the Unusual” by Oh Sung-dae, Beauty Water is a dark and disturbing social critique of the modern state of beauty standards almost inaccessible and the destructive role it takes on those involved in an endless quest to perfect their appearance.

Beauty Water manages to explore this dark side of society in a way that is not only very entertaining at times thanks to its great use of classic horror elements, but its unique animation style helps create a frightening yet visually stimulating descent into hell that pushes us to unexpected limits.

An obese makeup artist named Yae-ji is being ruthlessly teased online after she appeared as a guest on a segment of a shopping channel that sells diet pills and decides to respond to an ad she received on her phone offering her. a new life. You have to be careful with this type of message as Squid Game teaches us…

beauty water review

He discovers an amazing product called beauty water, which when applied will allow the body to be easily cut and shaped to shape a whole new face or even a perfect body. After investing the huge sum of money, she shapes her body to conform to the ideal standard of beauty: a cute little face, big round eyes, a slender body and big breasts.

Taking on the new name of Seol-hae, her breathtaking beauty instantly opens up new opportunities for her in the form of the men she is able to meet and opportunities for career advancement that were previously unreachable. But her acceleration to beauty comes at a high cost that begins to put her safety and that of her family at unimaginable risk, and the new world she has entered threatens to be far worse than the one she left. Below is the trailer posted on YouTube:

“Do you feel loved now?

Beauty Water review

We continue Beauty Water’s review noting that the film is very good at conveying its broad social critique of image-obsessed culture from South Korea (but not only…) by clearly aiming the lens at its tragic main character. With a duration of only 85 minutesthe story never feels boring and moves at a brisk pace.

Like a large webtoon that lets you scroll through images, Beauty Water is a slow-moment filled with moments of high intensity and nightmarish imagery that perfectly complements its retro-style horror story.

Beauty Water depicts the world that opens up to Seol-hae after she becomes an attractive bombshell and the realistic encounters she has built on a bed of superficiality. Having once been almost shunned by society as the obese fashion designer that she used to be, Seol-hae is now the object of every man’s desire. But the relationships Sol-hae pursues never match his expectations, and the film does a great job of showing just how relying on changing appearances as a panacea is folly, as it rarely addresses the deepest issues of the individual.

It also effectively presents the addictive nature of plastic surgery in this way as a kind of drug that provides a quick but short-term level of gratification. And in her latest shot, Beauty Water shows us that the world lives in the shoes of someone who is considered beautiful. it’s not necessarily an easier world. Rather, it’s filled with its own set of grotesque monsters and super monsters.

Beauty Water’s engaging animation style features a unique blend of 2D and 3D animations for the objects and environments that house its animated characters that appear in 3D. Although there are occasional lighted exterior sets, the film takes place inside, mostly menacing and dark with richly saturated colors that make the blood red glow and pop as the orange hues of the sun’s rays radiate to illuminate the subjects.

This style of animation also created some very interesting lighting possibilities, you’ll especially like the seoul night views.

It’s worth noting that even though Beauty Water is an animated film, it’s still an unflappable adult film full of violence, mature themes, gruesome body modification scenes, and nudity.

To get lost

beauty water review

We know that you already have the curiosity to see this film but it will not be easy to find it, unfortunately it is not present on any of the known platforms but if you commit you will find it. So we have come to the conclusion of Beauty Water and we want to highlight the last aspects. The superb voice acting of its talented team, and the fact that the characters sometimes move stiffly and the dialogue in many cases they are not fully synchronized with lip and mouth movement and seems like a technical limitation rather than a stylistic choice, but it’s something that might be awkward for those sensitive to the matter.

Beauty Water’s animation also leaves plenty of opportunities for local dubbing, so this issue is predictable and was most likely predicted. The music, however, is very strong and the soundtrack includes great moments of suspense and surprise.

South Korea is a country with a booming entertainment industry fueled by the successes of K-Pop, cinema and celebrity culture, both domestically and internationally. This, in tandem with the emergence of online social media, has enabled a certain level of liberation and intense expression that is not usually tolerated in day-to-day face-to-face interactions.

The result only exacerbated a pre-existing condition of a society that places a huge emphasis on outward appearances and the effects were staggering.

New forms of bullying through ridicule or shame, idolatry and self-confrontation with others are all powerful factors that drive many people into deep depression.

Globally, South Korea has the lowest self-esteem and one of the highest plastic surgery and suicide rates. Correlation is obviously not causation, but the connection between the statistics seems pretty clear. So while a movie like Beauty Water retains a high entertainment value in terms of the thrills it delivers, it also remains a poignant reminder of the massive social and mental health issues fueled by the country’s addiction to beauty.

As webtoons continue to grow in popularity in South Korea and abroad, we will most likely see more and more film and TV productions adapted in a way that might come close to that of Japanese productions. There seems to be a treasure trove of unique voices and stories waiting to be developed, with a mature tone ideal for launching Korean cinema into a new era of unique cinematic experiences.


Beauty Water

Comment by Laura Della Corte

We conclude Beauty Water’s review by saying that we are faced with a real tearing of the flesh around the characters and social structures that demand perfection. The film tries to raise the question of how, as the number of beauty lovers proliferates in our society, we are forced to rethink what defines beauty and what it really entails to be a perfect human being.


  • Beauty Water tackles massive social and mental health issues in a very simple story.
  • The mixed animation style is very interesting even if it can be refined.
  • The characters are much more in-depth than those of the webtoon.


  • In some places, the synchronization between the animation and the voice acting is not perfect and it can be annoying.

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