Bridal hairstyles: the most beautiful solutions for long hair according to Salvo Filetti

Braiding, reassembling, tightening, adding an accessory at the end of work: the usual gestures are no longer enough when it comes to wedding hairstyles. It is moreover the very notion of hairstyle that has become anachronistic, vague and resolutely static in relation to the evolution, in the space of a few years, of ceremonies.

A crop crop in XXL format for this hairstyle seen by Pronovias at Barcelona Bridal Week.


Then and now: the evolution of bridal hairstyles

If once the most popular option was the bun, low, very tight and chosen regardless of the dress, the style of the event and the type of hair, worn even by those who had them short with visibly false locks, today he story to be told is completely (and fortunately) different. Times and desires have changed, the contemporary woman wants to do nothing else on her own on her best day and chooses only what makes her feel comfortable.

Confirm this feeling, and underline its value, Except Nets, Hairdresser Beauty Company, which he has just presented The Chess Bride, its new Haute Couture collection dedicated to special days. “Red carpet moments” defines them the expert, because, after all, anyone with a busy social life or a particular event on the agenda can indulge in a dream hair look. Weddings Included, of course.

Cultures and extensions, a new vision

Traditional harvests resist, but they have changed. “Sometimes we start with the idea of ​​a harvested seed, but the heat and high humidity of summer make us give up; So picking up the hair often becomes the most popular solution, as long as the choice tells the woman’s story and looks like her,” the expert said. The use of extensions has also changed. “They have the benefit of increasing hair mass, but they’re not used for length. What always counts is not betraying your image”. If your hair is short, there are an infinite number of solutions, woe to change your skin once, the risk is not to recognize yourself.

The hairstyles are convertible and follow the times of the day

“The most beautiful thing is there convertibility, a hairstyle that follows the times of the day. You can completely change, and in this case you need a hairdresser who can change the look of the hair quickly, or make the changes already having the hair system”. A bun, like this, can melt away, like the tension, the puffy tail turned semi-collected, to accompany the most carefree movements of the party.

After the ceremony, crops can give way to less structured hairstyles © Getty Images.


A service that is increasingly in demand. “During the ceremonyafter all, whether at the church, at the Municipality or elsewhere, there is a more solemn atmosphere, a certain posture, even more slowness, gestures and movements, an even more rigid image sometimes, then everything evolves and it is true that the hair follows the same feeling, the one that in recent years has also led to the tendency to change clothes, ”explains Salvo Filetti. “Today, moreover, there are also those who opt for a convertible dress rather than change it” A long dress with clean lines, for example, can have a tulle panel for the church, to be detached at the beginning of the dances.

Dress and hairstyle: building a dream

And it is precisely the dress among the main factors to consider when choosing the right hairstyle. “If the back is very low cut and it may have been chosen because of this low cut, do you really want to fill it with hair? If instead of low cut there is little, or in the case of a particularly rich pattern, like an embroidery, it will be necessary to create a “neckline effect”, “suggests the hair designer.

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Hair and fabric, between lightness and rigor

Another fundamental factor, to which we often pay less attention, is the fabric of the dress. “A soft embroidery or a wide tulle skirt invites the same softness and “softness” for the hair, if on the contrary the fabric is more structured, like that of the mikado sculpture dresses, the hairstyle must also be declined in this direction. An idea? “A clean and elegant harvest, like that of Emma, from my latest collection. It refers to the bon ton suggestions of the 50s and 60s. To embellish it, a ribbon that becomes a knot at the neck: fixes the look of the hair in the upper part, but at the same time gives the possibility of the tail swinging.

50s and 60s suggestions for Emma, ​​from SS 2022 Chess Bride Collection.

Ribbons couldn’t be more current, especially thanks to the spring-summer fashion shows that brought them back into vogue. Since Giambattista Valli at Chanel, a veritable abundance of inspiration. “The macro trend of natural continues to assert itself”, he confirms Antonio Manna, salon manager of TONI & GUY Como.

Veil enhanced with swarovski for this look seen on the Mudeca catwalk during Barcelona Bridal Week.


“For bridal hairstyles, we favor easy hairstyles, where a lot of work is done on the authenticity of the person emphasizing the natural texture of her hair. Whether it’s soft waves adorned with flowers, chignons or ponytails, this season’s must-haves are accessories. One of the favorites is here veil, very light and sometimes transparent, retro-inspired, which returns to make its way into the hearts of 2022 brides”. Spotted among the proposals of the new bridal collection Framesi and on the last Milan podium of Navy blueorganized by Toni & Guy, the veil really has a potential that should not be underestimated.

Giambattista Valli, SS 2022. The bows in the hair, a beautiful accessory to copy.

White Stone

Accessories “not accessories”, an integral part of the hairstyle

Whatever the choice, the accessories are details that must decorate with minimalism. They don’t shout, it’s their secret andabove all, they should not be placed after. “They are born with the hairstyle, an integral part of hair weaving, an inseparable whole”, specifies Salvo Filetti.

A hair look seen at Barcelona Bridal Week, on the Julia Kontogruni catwalk (Photo by Estrop/Getty Images.


The secret to a perfect bride

Then there is the style of the dress. “If it is rich, you have to “essentialize”, but without forgetting to add a detail, because otherwise the attention will only be directed downwards; if you wear a more essential dress, on the other hand, yes to a more elaborate hairstyle, but without exaggeration, for the same principle as above: to balance is the right word,” says Filetti.

After all, a solution only truly succeeds if you are able to tell a story and not just a part of it. It is the harmony of the whole. “For this reason, the hairstyle must move in space not as a thing in itself but in symbiosis with the wearer. During rehearsals, for example, it is important that the soon-to-be bride walking and moving as well as standing in front of a mirror with a dreamy gaze. “There are people who live in serene spaces, different from those who never stop, or who move in jerks”, continues the expert. “That’s why the hairstyle must follow the movements of the neck. A game of balance more complex than we imagine, made many encounters which were the good ones. When everything fits together, the exclamation is as simple and natural as possible: “What a beautiful bride! “.
But, behind, what work there is.

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