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Here are all the tips to put into practice to take better care of the Tennessee Rex, from brushing to nail clipping.

Tennessee Rex Care
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Taking care of the hygiene of our four-legged friend is essential to ensure a long and peaceful life: let’s discover together what are the treatment essential in the routine of our loved one Tennessee Rex.

Maintenance of the Tennessee Rex coat: brushing and bathing

What operations cannot be missing in the care of the Tennessee Rex coat?

Tennessee Rex
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How often you brush your cat’s coat depends on the length of her coat. In the case of specimens short hairjust do it once a week.

If, however, the quadruped is a long hairit will be necessary to increase the number of weekly brushings, reaching a quota of 2 or 3 sessions.

How to proceed? It will be necessary to brush both in the direction of the growth of the coat and against the hair, in order to untangle the coat of the feline and to avoid the formation of knots and balls of hair.

To make the cat’s coat shiny and soft, you can apply a little homemade trick, which consists of dabbing the coat of the four paws with a solution of water and vinegar.

The secret to the beauty of the animal’s coat, as well as its general well-being, however, lies in the diet: to discover the ideal diet for the Tennessee Rex, consult this article.

Wash the cat yes or no?

Is cat bathing also included in the Tennessee Rex treatment?

Tennessee Rex
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The answer is no: cats are very clean animals, taking care of their own personal hygiene.

For this, it is not strictly necessary to wash them, except in special circumstances. For example, in the case when the quadruped is recovering from a long period of illness, during which he neglected his personal hygiene.

How should we proceed in this case? First it will take pay attention to the type of detergent used: it must be specifically formulated for feline skin.

The water should therefore not be excessively cold or too hot. Finally, be careful with drying: the animal’s coat will have to be completely dried, to prevent the quadruped from getting cold and getting sick.

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Tennessee Rex Teeth, Eye and Ear Care

Taking care of the Tennessee Rex’s teeth, eyes, and ears is also key to keeping the furry dog ​​strong and healthy.

Tennessee Rex Feeding
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The hygiene of the oral cavity, in particular, is crucial to prevent the proliferation of bacteria causing the onset of diseases such as gingivitis, stomatitis and periodontitis.

How to clean a cat’s teeth? We have two options: the most demanding requires the use of a special toothbrush and toothpaste for the feline, while the simplest is to distribute a purifying cream spread.

As for cleaning the cat’s eyes and ears, however, it will suffice to remove ocular secretions and earwax by dabbing the affected area with a gauze slightly soaked in warm water.

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How to Cut a Cat’s Nails

All that remains is for us to answer one last question regarding Tennessee Rex care: should the cat’s claws be trimmed?

Tennessee Rex
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If the cat is young and leads an active life, there will be no need: in this case, in fact, the animal will take care of sharpening its claws itself.

If, on the other hand, it is an old and sedentary quadruped, we may have to intervene.

In particular, it will be necessary to cut its nails in the event that their length is such that it interferes with the normal performance of the daily activities of the animal, constituting a danger for itself and for others.

If this is the case, simply equip yourself with nail clippers, exert light pressure on the cat’s paw to fully extend the nail and completely remove the outermost part.

How to recognize it? By color: it turns out white because it is not bathed in bloodunlike the rest of the claw.

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