butter in coffee is the new diet trend

butter in coffee is the new diet trend

Have you ever tried to put the butter in coffee? You know it’s one of the ketogenic diet tips this cafe is called bulletproof coffee and crazy, with its variants on the internet? Ok, ok, before looking up (be careful, we understand you), let’s take a step back. So let’s try to understand how and why this choice of coffee has more and more admirers even though, at first glance, no one would ever drink it.
And butter isn’t the weirdest ingredient you’ll find in this article…

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Bulletproof coffee keto: the secret of the ketogenic diet

bulletproof coffee

the bulletproof coffee (translated “bulletproof coffee”) was created to combine two needs and two “different modes”. On the one hand, the ketogenic diet, which is no longer a novelty (we talked about it in one of our first articles, you can find it above); on the other hand, the tendency to always seek the maximum of health and well-being in each food consumed during the day. Yes, including coffee.

The ketogenic diet it is part of high protein diets (such as Paleo and Dukan). What unites them is thebe high in protein and fat but low in carbohydrates and sugars, believed to be the cause of impaired physical and mental performance. In the absence of carbs, the body is forced to burn fat to function; this then leads to rapid weight loss.

the bulletproof coffee fits into the ketogenic diet as part of superfoodfoods that have important health benefits.
In particular, it is suitable for breakfast.

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Bulletproof coffee: how it was born and what it is used for

the bulletproof coffee was born when, during a trip to Tibet, David Ashley, one of the most respected lifestyle and health gurus, notes that many Tibetans put yak butter in their tea before a climb. From tea to coffee and from yak butter to our ghee, there is only one step.

But what good is butter in coffee on a ketogenic diet? Soon said; depending on who uses it:

  • Promotes the state of ketosis;
  • Decreases the feeling of hunger;
  • Promotes physical and mental concentration;
  • It gives energy and stability to the body and the manta.

The concept is that such a “calorie” drink in the early morning, accompanied by a healthy style, helps to avoid heavy and slow-digesting meals. This allows us to be lighter throughout the day

Bulletproof coffee recipe: the preparation is very simple

To prepare the bfoolproof coffee they serve:

  • Coffee made in mocha;
  • 30 gr of clarified butter (the one without milk proteins, but composed only of animal fat)
  • 180ml boiling water.

Once the coffee is prepared, pour it into a blender, adding the previously heated water and the clarified butter. Mix until you obtain a foamy cream then drink it (hot or cold, according to your taste).

But I told you that wouldn’t be the weirdest thing in the article, right? Well, to have a good one bulletproof coffeeyou have to add a spoonful of MCT oil. Without going into overly complex analyses, it is palm oil or coconut oil, ideal as a fat burner in the keto diet. For those who crave a sweeter drink, add a pinch of cinnamon or a teaspoon of brown sugar before drinking.

Obviously, everything must be included in a healthy lifestyle and in a careful and regular diet. Will it be enough not to raise the nose of the Neapolitans? Can this change be allowed in our excellent cafe? Let’s say that in the last period for coffee the saying “lo famo strange?”

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Bulletproof Coffee and More: The World’s Weirdest Coffees

Do you think bulletproff coffee is the strangest thing you can drink associated with coffee? Know that you are wrong. The aromatic and iconic drink is a universe of flavors, smells, discoveries, attempts and experiments and all over the world there are those who have enjoyed doing very interesting tests…

For example, a bar in Adelaide invented theasskicker coffee (“Caffè spaccacu*i” in Italian). A coffee that contains more than 50 times the amount of caffeine contained in a normal espresso. It must be drunk in about 4 hours and it is prohibited for heart patients.

Or the Gothlatte, of New York origin and viral on social networks. It’s a vegan cappuccino (among the ingredients there is almond milk) and very black due to activated carbon. It would have slimming and detoxifying properties: who wants to try it?

Finally, there are those who have not limited themselves to activated carbon. On the island of Java, in Indonesia, it is possible to taste the Kopi JossA coffee which is served with a piece of hot coal inside. The charcoal is held for a few seconds and gives the coffee a woody aftertaste and a temperature above 100°C.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve tried them. In the meantime, I’m going to treat myself to my “completely normal” Italian coffee.

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