Camille Gottlieb as Grace Kelly

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The great season for scarves is back. Precious bits of fabric that color our heads on the hottest days of the year. At the start of the season, the Monegasque princess Camille Gottlieb, with her new photo posted on her Instagram account. The 23-year-old daughter of Stephanie of Monaco inherited her beauty from her grandmother Grace Kelly. But from the Oscar-winning American actress Princess Grace of Monaco, Camille not only inherited the bluest eyes in the entire Principality. He absorbed much more: the charm, the elegance and this certain, very sophisticated way of wearing the scarf on the head. Certainly thanks to DNA, since when Camille was born, Princess Grace had already disappeared.

grace kelly hair scarf beauty 2022

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Camille Gottlieb in Grace Kelly: this scarf in her hair

Grace Kelly eating ice cream. Grace Kelly in a car, with her husband or at horse races. By kissing his daughter Carolina. Or at Luna Park… many immortalized images of his life. A life with a head scarf. It was the fifties and sixties and wearing this precious square of fabric rolled up on the head and tied under the chin was a very common habit and fashion. A very chic way to protect your hair from the wind when sitting in a convertible. More than sixty years later, Grace of Monaco’s niece, Camille Gottlieb, kicks off the summer scarf season with a beautiful profile picture posted on social media. Blue eyes, loose hair with big waves and a pastel-colored scarf tied at the back of her neck. With a much more boho-chic look than Grandma Grace. But the result does not change: elegant, sophisticated and clever hairstyle. Because the scarf that wraps the hair has the same effect as a precious cosmetic.

grace kelly hair scarf beauty 2022

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The cosmetic benefits of a head scarf

Wearing a scarf on your head, when the temperatures start to rise and the sun’s rays burn more, is not just a very chic behavior. It is a ploy to defend the hair. The scarf, especially if it is made of silk, with all the nutritional, anti-frizz and anti-static benefits of this natural fabric, keeps the hairstyle in the crease longer and forms a defensive screen that prevents radiation damage. Such as fading and discoloration of hair, especially if the dye is artificial. By the sea or on the coast or in the Principality, the scarf is used to prevent the briny from coming into contact with the hair fiber and acting on its texture by dehydrating it and creasing it. It’s up to you whether you want to tie it under the chin, like Grace, or behind the neck, like her niece Camille Gottlieb.

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