Cannes: Carla Bruni and the long cut of the over 50s

During the last evenings on the red carpet of the Cannes film festival we have witnessed beautiful style lessons more than 50women perennials among which stands out Carla Bruni. Madame Sarkozy enchanted the Croisette not only for her clothing choices, but also for the beauty look cleverly studied, sober as chic: from the hairstyle to the make-up, everything contributed to sublimate her face by countering certain old stereotypes on the style choices to be made according to age.

Her long hair with soft waves and long, disheveled bangs, curtain, in addition to being a trend of the moment are a perfect cut to copy for women over 50 (at least if the hair is healthy). “The beauty of Carla Bruni’s look is given by the natural waves and by this one millimeter and disheveled bangs, which however requires constant maintenance, because a few millimeters of growth are enough to make it too long: in this case, it can be worn open on the sides of the face, as Bruni herself did on her first evening in Cannes “, suggests Marco Rizzi, hairstylist at the Milanese salon Namu Hair and Local Hair Expert for Hair Rituel by Sisley.


The long cut of the moment is full and “extreme”

by Martina Manfredi

“To recreatedisheveled effectit is rather important to have longer and shorter locks at strategic points, which are where the natural roses at the hairline create deformations. “Now iconic feature of her look, in recent years, Carla Bruni has often emphasized refreshing power soft, messy bangs, so much so that last January the former First Lady cut her bangs herself, with great results, immortalizing the moment on Instagram (for the Cannes red carpet, on the other hand, she took care of her hairstyle hairdresser of the stars @cyrilhair).

To help make Carla Bruni’s hairstyle perfect for the over-50s, it’s also color: “Natural lift with reflexes caramel and honey on brown background they play a fundamental role, as they help to highlight the wavy style and give softness to the face; pay attention only to the regrowth of white hair in the fringe and at the root, especially if you make a clean line like hers, brought back to the center”, explains the hairdresser.

Slightly different but no less impactful is the hairstyle chosen by Carla Bruni for her first evening in Cannes: the Italian singer-songwriter and naturalized French model combined the wisteria mermaid dress mermaid hair with side bangs XXL lengths fell below the chest, fruit of extension natural and well done, one of the trends ageless of the moment (as also demonstrated by Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Lopez).

Finally, the reconcile fresh and natural contributed not a little to the success of Carla Bruni’s beauty looks for the Festival: in addition to the natural lips defined by a line of pencil applied slightly outside the contour using the technique ofhighlightmake-up artist Aya Fujita succeeded in illuminating the eyes of the French artist thanks to a texture pearlescent with shimmering effect applied to the inner corners of the eyes, defined by a black line, lots of mascara and natural eyeshadow. Very stylish.

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