Carb Cycling: the sports diet

In the world of fitness, a diet has recently become widespread, carb cycling, which reduces fat mass, loses weight and increases muscle mass, with alternating food plans during the week, linked to training. The quality of carbohydrates in each meal before and after a workout can have a decisive influence on metabolism and can help with weight loss. Discover all the secrets of this diet!

What we eat is very important for our well-being. Taking care of nutrition is essential to stay healthy and feel really fit.

In this article you will discover the secrets of a very popular diet, the carb cycling which consists of a carbohydrate cycle, could be for you if you want to lose weight in a gradual and healthy way. Also watch this video and find out which foods keep you young and vital because they are rich in antioxidants!

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Carb Cycling is the right diet for those who do physical activity even every day

This diet is based on a cycle of carbohydrates. Indeed, the intake of macronutrients and especially carbohydrates is distributed in a cyclical manner.

During training days, more energy must be accumulated in the body during meals, to build muscle, by consuming a high carbohydrate content.

The public holidays ofphysical activity you can cut fat and lose weight on a low carb, low calorie diet.

For example, in the days High in carbohydrates more calories are consumed (about 50% of energy from carbohydrates); on Low Carb days, fewer calories and carbohydrates are consumed, approximately 20% of the total energy introduced.

On Medium or No carb days (not mandatory in this diet), you can expect a carbohydrate intake of less than 10%.

According to the general rules of this programmed feeding, it is necessary:

  • do it everyday 5 meals: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner
  • Eat a mix of complex carbohydrates, unsaturated fats and protein for breakfast
  • Eat a snack before lunch, lunch and a second snack: the midday meal includes more or less carbohydrate intake depending on the schedule of the day (this also applies to snacks)
  • Dinner is low carb and low carb every day of the week
  • It is recommended to do breakfast no more than an hour from the time you wake up, when you want to give a good movement to metabolism
  • In fact, those who eat something immediately after waking up tend to lose weight compared to those who skip breakfast. Those who eat a high-fat breakfast feel hungry sooner than those who eat fiber and carbohydrates and feel full longer

Certain foods speed up our body’s metabolism and help burn more calories. For example, fiber increases the work of our body, slows the absorption of carbohydrates, moderates increases in blood sugar. Among the foods indicated to accelerate the metabolism appear: vegetables, dried and fresh fruits, legumes, whole grains, fish, white meat, low-fat dairy products.

Fiber is also useful because, by improving the functioning of the gastrointestinal system, it promotes “good” bacterial production.

Protein also accelerates the basal metabolic rate, which indicates how many calories an organism needs for its basic vital activities.


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The carb cycle for those who train and for those who don’t

The days when he is expected the high carbohydrate content however, it is necessary to consume good quality carbohydrates; simple, when training is scheduled, and complex on other days. Indeed, simple carbohydrates allow a rapid energy supply.
It is the same with proteins, which allow a good development of muscle mass.

Important factors are also the metabolism baseline, intensity and training frequency of those undertaking the regimen. Foods must be weighed to make this food program more effective and beneficial to the health of the body.

Correspond to rich in carbohydrates with days dedicated to training allows you to be more efficient and to ingest the right dose of carbohydrates.

Usually for a simple carb cycling approach. we use a non-complex schedule, with alternating high carb days and low carb days.

Even those who don’t train or do physical activity often choose this diet to have two days when they can eat more carbs and allow their bodies to use sugars and fats for energy as well.

Those who train use it to increase muscle mass and decrease fat.

There are different ways to carry out this diet, also because the validity of this type of diet has not yet been confirmed by scientific studies.

Nevertheless, the Carbohydrate cycling it is very popular with bodybuilders and has spread rapidly in sports circles more than other diets.
Either way, there’s no denying that in order to lose fat, you need to cut calories. If these are then distributed appropriately for the purpose to be achieved (increase in muscle mass, weight loss or other), you will still have good results.

It’s all about being consistent and endowed with good will on a daily basis, meal after meal!

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