care and styling gestures dedicated to colored hair

Colored hair needs specific care and attention to keep the chosen color as long as possible. We know that every woman wants her hair color to stay as shiny, vibrant and intense as it just came out of the salon. This is where Vitality’s was born Care & Styling Colorthe professional line for a luminous and intense color for longer.

An intelligent and complete line, which thanks to exclusive ingredients and formulas, such as Chroma Power, promotes the use of raw materials of natural and biodegradable origin, packaging selected with attention to the environment offers high-performance solutions for professional results

The chromatic power

What is this? Chroma Power is a molecule extracted from the pericarp of the pomegranate, the membrane found inside the fruit. 100% natural extract, it is rich in ellagic acid, able to fight against oxidative stress, preserving color for a long time. It comes from the unused parts of the fruit, so it promotes environmental sustainability.

How it works? Chroma Power is contained in a liposome which, thanks to its small size, is able to penetrate to the heart of the hair, the cortex.

When inside the hair, the particle releases all the antioxidant power of pomegranate extract.

Because it matters?

  • Preserves cosmetic color from fading: -25% loss of color
  • Improves color protection: + 50% (compared to other competing actives)
  • Prolongs antioxidant action 3 times longer than vitamin E
  • It creates a film to protect the hair and maintains the cosmetic color in its structure

An enveloping fragrance

The Care & Style Colore line by Vitality is characterized by a rich, warm and enveloping floral fragrance. Intoxicating notes of jasmine and coconut water lead to floral notes, in an imaginary flower garden. Here, rose, orange blossom, monoi and ylang ylang release enveloping and vibrant warmth. Finally, the intense vanilla and woody notes conclude the olfactory journey.

Care & Style Colore: the line dedicated to colored hair

CHROME SHAMPOO: shampoo for colored hair. It cleanses the scalp and hair, giving hydration, softness and shine to the hair. The acidic pH promotes the closure of the scales, making the color pop and shine. The compact and soft foam gives a pleasant feeling, giving a real hug.

CHROMED SILK: gel-mask for colored hair. The acidic pH closes the hair cuticles, improving shine and color. The gel formula hydrates and conditions the hair. Easy to apply, it does not weigh down. Provides detangling and softness. Hair is easy to comb both wet and dry

CHROMA HEAT PROTECTOR: thermo-protective serum for colored hair, without rinsing. An easy-to-use multifunctional product:

  • Protects color, moisturizes, reduces hair dryness and breakage.
  • Smoothes the surface of the hair, strengthens its internal structure and makes it shiny.
  • Protects the hair both from direct sources of heat (plate and iron) and indirect (hair dryer)
  • Anti-frizz effect.

The hair is easy to work with, soft and light.

CHROME STROKE: light smoothing spray for colored hair. It gives shine, enhancing the color. The hair is light and shiny. The dry formula allows the product to be sprayed on dry hair, without wetting it, to complete the hairstyle with a final gesture, enhancing the color of the hair.


CHROME KIT: Essential products to keep hair color bright and shiny.

A practical box for resale with Chroma Shampoo and Chroma Silk

CHROMA TRAVEL KIT: the practical travel format, for a luminous and radiant color even outside the house. Chroma Shampoo and Chroma Silk in travel size 100 ml – 50 ml

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