Castor oil for hair: all the benefits

Which are they benefits castor oil for hair? Let’s find out together!

Castor oil is a natural product widely used in cosmetics and treatment Hair. Unfortunately also known for its use during fascism, castor oil is notorious for being dangerous laxative. Despite its sad reputation, this product has many benefits and multiple uses.

This oil vegetable is used for skin care, as it has excellent moisturizing properties. It is also used for the production of soaps, shampoos and anti-aging creams. Castor oil is very often used in combination with keratinfor this reason it is found in many hair products, eyebrows and also nails.

We are therefore talking about a natural product widely used by various industries. castor oil it is also present in paints, brake lubricants and dyes. In the sector food it is often used in additives, as in candy flavors.

Castor oil: where does it come from?

In botanical the plant from which castor oil is derived is known as Ricinus . Possesses source african, but can currently be found on many other continents. Few people know that the castor plant has wonderful foliage and fruits. the Ricinus it can in fact be used for ornamental purposes, for its exotic foliage and thorny fruits.

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Castor is best known for extraction oil of its seeds. The latter are very dangerous because they are toxic, whereas instead the oil is rich in many benefits. In fact, it is found in many products that can be found in all supermarkets or beauty centers. It is also used Of the industry pharmaceuticalespecially for its laxative qualities.

Castor oil has a Color Yellow straw yellow and is produced by cold pressing the seeds of Ricinus. Thanks to his goods moisturizers And reinforcement, is recommended for the treatment of hair and more particularly hair. Despite its not too inviting scent, castor oil is a true friend when it comes to hair care. For this reason it is also used for eyelash And eyebrows.

A great ally also for those with very sensitive skin or for those who tend to Rush cutaneous and acne. Its main advantages are certainly that moisturizing, softener for anti-inflammatory. In short, a product that can never be missing in our personal care!

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The benefits for the hair

Castor oil is a real panacea for our hair. Thanks to its properties to strenghten, softeners And anti-fatigue, this vegetable oil has many benefits for our beautiful hair. First of all, its nourishing action helps regenerate dry hair and off, making them soft and bright.

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Regularly apply castor oil to both hairs humid that to dry, we fight the frizz effect so boring. One can either buy this pure vegetable oil or use keratin products with the addition of castor oil. One of its main advantages is that anti-inflammatory which helps to have healthier skin. It makes the hair stronger and prevents the formation of split ends.

Another way to get the benefits of castor oil is to To do compressed once or twice a week. By keeping the product on the hair for about 30 minutes, we will see the difference already after the first use. If you are not a wrap lover, you can find many balms with castor oil to apply on wet hair.

Castor oil is also famous for its stock anti bacterial, an advantage that helps us treat any type of mycosis or skin dermatitis. This action can be very useful for people with particularly sensitive and irritable skin on the scalp. A few drops of castor oil are enough to provide instant relief and to hydrate and softens the skin.

Especially when we tend to overwork our hair stresslike when we use the hair dryer or the plate, it is good to give relief to the skin. In this way we help the hair root to become healthy and strong.

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Other Benefits of Castor Oil

The effect moisturizing of this vegetable oil makes hair healthier from root to tip. Indeed, castor oil is also used for the care of eyelashes and eyebrows. Applying a few drops we will strengthen ours eyebrows and we will make them look bigger in a natural way, without having to use chemicals.

Castor oil also has a lot of benefits for our skin. There are many moisturizers body based on this vegetable product. If you decide to apply it in its pure form on the skin, we recommend that you dilute it with almond oil or another essential oil. The smell of castor oil is not very pleasant, which is why it is often masked by other flavors.

Another very important benefit of castor oil is its ability anti-inflammatory. It can therefore be used to treat all kinds of rashes, dermatitis or acne. Thanks to its antibacterial ability, it is also used in many creams and products that you can easily find in pharmacies.

In short, castor oil really has many benefits. Used extensively to strengthen and soften hair, but also very useful in treating skin infections. Widely used not only in cosmetics but also in the food and pharmaceutical world. Amazing to think how many benefits the seeds of such a wonderful plant can bring. This vegetable product never ceases to amaze us!

Don’t be put off by the unattractive color and scent, castor oil is really a great ally in the care of our hair and our skin!

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