Ravenous Devils: Meat is Murder

Horrors to taste and in contemporary society we have the Alessandro Borgheses on duty who complain that they cannot find employees for their restaurants, invictorian england from Ravenous Devils we have a cook who alone, in the kitchen, manages to invent new and delicious recipes by cooking human flesh. Which of the two scenarios is … Read more

Viral tech gadgets on TikTok – this is where you can find them all! Crazy items at shocking prices

If any of you hang out with TikTok, you might have noticed plenty of videos featuring a variety of viral tech gadgets. These are really special tech products, which are obviously available online: we found them and now we show them to you. Tiktok’s viral gadgets, 21/5/2022 – Computermagazine.it Let’s start with this padlock that … Read more

On Putin, the Cav joins Salvini “If we send weapons, we are at war” – Chronicle

Silvio Berlusconi, 86, yesterday in Naples with his fiancée Marta Fascina, 32, and Senator Licia Ronzulli, 47 by Ettore Maria Colombo “To send weapons to Ukraine is to be co-belligerent and we too are at war. We are trying to end it quickly”, first concept, “pacifist”. There follows a corollary of refined realpolitik: “If we … Read more