The Mediterranean diet seen by the chef

The diet of the regions surrounding the Mediterranean Sea is the mediterranean dietfrom Greek etymology “way of life”. It focuses on the correct choice of foods, their use in the kitchen, working and cooking methods and processes. The caloric aspect is placed in the background. In the 1950s, Ancel Keys, a well-known American nutritionist, noticed … Read more

The Mediterranean diet against sexual dysfunctions

The Mediterranean diet is one of the best food plans there is. It is no coincidence that he is one of the intangible heritage of humanity ofUNESCO. The link between a balanced diet and good health was already known. But the close relationship between this regime and the reduced risk of erectile dysfunction it’s brand … Read more

What Robb Wolf taught us about the paleo diet

Robb Wolf is a former expert biochemist at paleo diet, who has always taught us to follow the Paleolithic diet and continues to give us many tips. In this article we will see some examples of nutrition in the Paleo Diet, and therefore understand which foods are allowed. We will also discover the indications and … Read more

When food rhymes with Twitter: from waste to diets, food trends on social networks

Greta teaches (or at least shows the way): the sustainability of human actions must be at the center of the global agenda in the years to come and for an indefinite period. The Covid-19 pandemic, the Russian-Ukrainian war and in general some ordinary distractions of the major world powers have diverted government actions in this … Read more

The Kidney Stone Diet: Foods and Drinks

They are the cause of extremely painful colic and it is not uncommon for them to rush to the emergency room in search of a more effective solution than ordinary over-the-counter painkillers. Many have suffered from it at least once in their life and, unfortunately, we risk facing relapses. Because, unfortunately, the kidney stones they … Read more

Carb Cycling: the sports diet

In the world of fitness, a diet has recently become widespread, carb cycling, which reduces fat mass, loses weight and increases muscle mass, with alternating food plans during the week, linked to training. The quality of carbohydrates in each meal before and after a workout can have a decisive influence on metabolism and can help … Read more

Eat beyond you: Mediterranean diet improves depression and heart in over 70s

We don’t know if the chicken or the egg was born first. The depression it can certainly increase cardiovascular risk. But on the other hand, there is research that shows that those who suffer from high cholesterol and blood pressure, diabetes, overweight and a sedentary lifestyle, not to mention smoking, are more likely to encounter … Read more