bad practices that should alarm us

anyone you want followed by a nutritionist for a problem of overweight, obesity or for diseases such as diabetes, thinness, sport, dyslipidemia, dyspepsia and constipation, you have the chance to come across an ‘expert’ who does not did not delve into the subject. It has always been like this, but over the last 15 years … Read more

The 6 milkshake recipes also for dieters

It’s snack time and you don’t know what to eat? What if we prepare a milkshake? How do you say? Are you on a diet? There is no problem, because the milkshake (also known as a milkshake) can get “light” with the right precautions. But for the milkshake to be considered truly authentic and suitable … Read more

Kim Kardashian’s diet for getting into the Met Gala dress

In the end he did Kim Kardashian to step into Marilyn Monroe’s very tight dress (original of course), selected for her memorable entry on the red carpet of the Met Gala 2022, alongside much-loved toy boy Pete Davidson. But what effort! We only tell you that the zip did not close, so much so that … Read more

lose pounds for a toned and lean physique

The protagonist of this very innovative program that helps our body to deflate, to purify itself and therefore to lose a few extra pounds is the philosophy of yoga. the method suggests a predominantly vegetarian diet able to make you discover new light but satiating flavors. Outraged purify the body favors the right dose of … Read more

Apple body: diet and exercises to lose weight

Each of us has a different physical conformation: having an apple-shaped, pear-shaped or hourglass-shaped body means that we tend to accumulating fat in certain areas of the body. This happens for a combination of reasons, ranging from the genetic explanation to hormonal factors to the level of stress which sometimes completely upsets our metabolism. Pear-shaped … Read more