How the Ketogenic Diet Changes: What is Keto 2.0a

After all, summer starts in two months! The ketogenic diet it is certainly one of the most followed in the western world. Put forward by several renowned nutritionists – first and foremost Pierre Ducan, Kate Middleton’s dietary guru -, it is based on the well-known principle of keep carbohydrates low enough, in order to leave … Read more

less than 3 days at the IGP Red Onion Festival in Tropea

April 26, 2022 8:03 p.m. Main ingredient of the Mediterranean diet and thanks to its high content of quercetin, a polyphenolic substance which, according to some scientific studies, is able to inhibit the appearance of Covid infection and improve the course of the disease. Icon and distinctive identity marker of Calabria. – These are some … Read more

Global Weight Loss and Diet Management Market Growth Forecast 2022-2031 published new research reports on the topic of weight loss and diet management market. Global investors will find the study ground-breaking in enabling them to make informed decisions in the global Weight Loss and Diet Management market. The report will include historical and metric analysis, including total sales, key products, challenges, and total sales. … Read more

Diet without instamine: how it works and what to eat

A headache that won’t go away. Skin that itches and turns red. Seemingly unexplained bowel problems. All these inconveniences can depend on a single substance: thehistamine. Histamine is found in lots of food, some of which we often consume in the classic “Italian” diet and which are also absolutely healthy: fish such as tuna and … Read more