Metaverso, from Dolce & Gabbana to The Manufacturer: the states-general of digital fashion and Nft

After the first Fashion Week in the Metaverse, the one staged on Decentraland last March, it’s also coming the first exhibition that brings together the most emblematic of NFT digital fashion created to date. On the sidelines of the Biennial of art, the exhibition will take place at Venicein the pavilion dedicated to the Metaverse … Read more

Making culture with fashion according to Maria Luisa Frisa

fashion shapes (Il Mulino) is a collection of essays that question the challenges of the fashion industry today, from the characteristics that define a creative director to the construction of brand imaginaries, production practices, material and immaterial, of these same imaginations. to the ambivalent relationship that fashion establishes with art, from the lack of entirely … Read more

the Balenciaga fashion show and the collaboration with Adidas

New York. Demna, the creative director of Balenciaga, has chosen Wall Street’s number 11 to present his spring 2023 fashion collection. We are at the headquarters of the New York Stock Exchange, also known as “The Big Board”: the largest stock exchange in the world. Screens all around offer an overview of what’s going on: … Read more

Vegan shoes: economical, sporty or luxury

Linterest in sustainable fashion and cruelty-free proposals is more and more growing. According to Lyst and the Conscious Fashion Report in 2021, an increase of + 131% demand for garments dyed with natural colors. A + 38% looking for clothing made with mushroom-based fabrics (e.g. Mylo) and a + 178% views of the “vegan skin” … Read more

the impact of the search engine on the fashion system

We need a new dress and google it. We want to study a trend and we google it. We want to grab a big celebrity’s fashion moment from the past and google it. Six letters and immense power: the search engine launched in Menlo Park, California on September 4, 1998 plays an important role in … Read more

Fashion, brands take sides for women’s reproductive rights

The fashion industry sides with women. As the countdown to this summer has begun, when the U.S. Supreme Court will rule on the landmark 1973 Roe vs. Wade case that introduced abortion 49 years ago, the fashion system is short. to protect women’s reproductive rights. women. If the law were to be overturned, thetermination of … Read more

Double job, professor of Florence punished: for years, he has been billing additional missions to fashion houses

The entrance to the Faculty of Engineering of Santa Marta The university was unaware of the situation: the professor of engineering will have to pay a maximum indemnity Pietro Barghigiani May 22, 2022 FLORENCE. It was not just occasional consultations. No, for years a Florentine university professor billed and collected tens of thousands of euros … Read more

From fashion to art, everyone is crazy about mushrooms

An increasingly sought-after plant resource, the mushroom has become the raw material that artists and designers are looking for with great interest. Here we explain why Anika Yi. Metaspore. Exhibition view at Pirelli HangarBicocca, Milan 2022. Courtesy the artist & Pirelli HangarBicocca, Milan. Photo Agostino Osio With an attitude that someone might have called shamanic … Read more