Charlene of Monaco’s short film

They have not been easy months for Charlene of Monaco: last year an ENT infection forced her to forced operations and hospitalizations, moving her away from the principality between her native South Africa and Switzerland, and especially from her children Jacques and Gabriella. But now the Princess, wife of Sovereign Albert, has returned home and is slowly regaining her health and serenity, return to attend public events. A few days ago indeed, here she is at the Santa Devota rugby tournament with her husband and their children, in her new super chic short haircut.

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Compared to the official Easter snaps, the hair is slightly longer, while maintaining a strict form perfectly in tune with its assertive style. To accentuate this effect, Charlène opted for a absolute platinum blondewhich suits her well with the fact that she’s a natural blonde, but makes her even more frosty with a hint of glamour.

Charlène’s platinum shorts are already the summer look idea

It wouldn’t be the first time Charlene’s haircut has failed to follow the dictates of court etiquette to the letter (her punk undercut is now iconic), but the princess has always struck the perfect balance between personal style and rules. regal, softening it all with her regular features and hers innate class. On her face, short and very short haircuts have also alternated for health reasons, always in a very harmonious way, giving truly original style ideas.

Still according to the hairdresser Cristiano Filippini this short haircut with side line it’s really trendy but at the same time chic, which makes it really wearable: “What class in this super short look sported by Charlène! The shape is that of a classic cut boyish, which works great on an oval face like hers. The choice of the line thus defined is also very elegant, accentuated by the compact style and the slightly wet finish”.

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Do you like the choice of platinum?

“The color amplifies the beauty of the gaze. Cold blond is one of the most requested but also one of the most complicated to obtain, but it is always worth it. In the case of Charlène, we must pay tribute to the hairdresser who created it: he succeeded in completely neutralizing the yellow/coppery reflections, which often emerge on works of this type. No nuance could have given a better result for sublimate a short haircut and make it more elegant“.

Is this short haircut too extreme or is it trendy?

“It’s absolutely trendy: it’s a cut that could be a great starting point for the summer period, when many are looking for a quick and glamorous solution for your looks”.

Cristiano Filippini, founder of [#1]HAIRLAB, hairstylist since 1996: “I have always bet everything on updating, new trends and advice to the end customer, based on morphology, skin tone and respect for the hair and its wearability”. You can also find him on Instagram under @cri.filippini.

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