curly hair after breaking up with her 28-year-old boyfriend

It seems that the story between Madonna and Ahlamalik Williams (34 years younger than her) is over. The pop star, in conjunction with the alleged breakup, changed up her hair look, focusing on something wilder.

For 40 years Madonna She’s an international music legend, but in addition to her record-breaking albums, she’s also been talked about from the start for her style. As a provocateur, she has always known how to catalyze attention on herself in a unique way, distorting her image, modifying it, playing with it, using her body and carefully studying each outfit. It’s no coincidence that some of her items have become iconic: the pink dress from the Material girl music video was recently put up for auction, which could lead to some mind-boggling offers for loyal fans. The singer is over 60 and continues to be bold and transgressive also in home version. Like her, her daughter too. Lourdes Leon Ciccone follows in her mother’s footsteps in terms of looks, daring to see through and sexy dresses (for example the one worn at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party).

Madonna, a life of provocation

Madonna recently appeared unrecognizable on TikTok, with puffy cheekbones and lips that had fans very worried. Many wondered why the star had such a distorted face: yet another provocation? These are surely the daily bread, for the queen of pop, even if certain exaggerations have even earned her Instagram censorship. First it was the turn of the photos in lingerie on the bidet, then those with the nipples visible. On this social network has a very strict policy, you cannot show this part of the body: or rather, while it is forbidden for women, it is allowed for men. It is against this policy that she exposed herself in the first person, contesting it. Certainly, the star has never chopped his tongue. He also demonstrated this in relation to his last boyfriend, with whom the story seems to have ended.

Madonna’s new look

When someone in your life is not right for you, God will continue to use them to hurt you until you become strong enough to let them go.“: Who does this phrase refer to? Madonna published it precisely in conjunction with news from The Sun that the relationship with Ahlamalik Williams, 28 (Dancer 35 years younger). So it looks like the pop star is back Single, after about three years with her companion, first met at Rebel Heart in 2015. The two haven’t seen each other in months: the last public appearance was in January. It seems that at the basis of the decision to separate are his many professional commitments and the difficulty of reconciling their lives, which are currently very different.

Alena Seredova, the change of look is drastic: transition to dark hair, curly and with bangs

Who knows if the change in look is related to a breakup. The singer appeared on social networks with leonine hair that she had not sported for a long time. We are used to seeing her with straight hair, even if as a good transformer over the years she really lived them all: blond, brown, short, curly, platinum, with a tuft, gathered. This time, she has opted for very long hair that is slightly wavy from root to tip, which gives her a really wild look.

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