What a beauty to arrive at this point in the season and to find a Fiorentina up to its neck in the struggle to rewrite itself, after years of complete decadence. What happened to not think about the holidays, when other clubs are already planning for the future because they are out of the present. What a thrill to think of two endings for Fiorentina in just 6 days that will decide Europe.

Under with Sampdoria and we cannot imagine what match it will be given that today we will know the verdicts of some decisive matches for salvation. Fiorentina could find aggressive Sampdoria, with bloodshot eyes, or a calm and relaxed formation. It’s the trick of the stew, it’s like that now. Take it or leave it.

All in all, for the Viola entering the pitch on Monday night, knowing some verdicts shouldn’t be a downside. Everything happens when you fight point by point, even the details are important.

Torreira will return who is talked about more these hours for market-related reasons, rather than his footballing skills, which are well known to Viola fans. And not only. By May 31, the company will have to buy it back: we are in dynamics and skirmishes that are part of the commodity liturgy. It is normal that Fiorentina, protagonist of the revival of Torreira, asks for a discount. All companies do it, let alone. The leaders’ strategies shouldn’t matter much, let alone the end product: do as you see fit, but do it. Torreira must stay in Florence, let’s not joke. Fundamental pawn of Italian football, that is to say of this coach who relaunched a three-season return team signed by Dario Argento with great fanfare.

It’s Italiano’s Fiorentina, as all of Italy tells us and then the coach deserves the confidence, moreover earned on the pitch. Torreira fixed point on which to continue building.

First Sampdoria then Juve, for a May 22 which promises to be incandescent. The Italian and his pack aspire to glory. Ambitious group as it should be. Ambition is also courage and these violets had it. Factoring in a bad number just to get what they planned to do, but that was the only way.

Happy postgames were far superior to long faces. Before, people weren’t going to the stadium because of the Covid, but the merit of Fiorentina is to have fulfilled the Franchi, once the restrictions were lifted. It was a fun season as football reappeared under the Maratona Tower, a fugitive for years. This is another step taken. Brick after brick. Now, the decisive factor is missing, the return to Europe.

Fiorentina haven’t crossed the border since 16/17, when he came out against Borussia. It seems like a century has passed, although in reality it is only five years.

The Violas are close, they see the finish line, but they still have to pedal. Head down and push. But they have a favorable wind behind them, the Tramontana di Firenze. He comes down from Fiesole and makes you fly. It is no coincidence that he goes through the curve. Because Florence is unique, he also showed it against Roma. It’s a chance to play football in this community. Those who think otherwise have not understood how this sport works.

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