Detox diet if you do it like this you can take serious risks: beware of this habit that can ruin your health

The detox diet of recent years is one of the most followed trends to get the body back on track and easily lose a few extra pounds: be careful, however, if you do this too, you could run serious risks to your health. .

For a few days or weeks alternately, the detox diet is always useful to get back into shape after a period of severe binge eating or to avoid being caught off guard when trying on a costume.

Detox diet beware of health risks recipe print

Many people decide independently to practice this type of controlled diet periodically to purify the body of accumulated toxins.

How does the detox diet work? Not everyone knows it, but it has to be eliminated

The philosophy of the detox diet focuses in particular on the health of the liver, the organ responsible for a whole series of functions relating to the well-being of our body. Indeed, it has fundamental tasks to accomplish: it produces bile, emulsifies fats, synthesizes cholesterol and triglycerides. It is responsible for the breakdown of insulin, the modulation of blood sugar and the management of all the processes aimed at converting proteins into energy. It is therefore easy to understand why it is necessary to try to have a diet that guarantees the proper functioning of liver functions. Deciding to embark on a detox path is above all changing your usual way of life. Indeed, many foods are excluded: sugars, fats and carbonated or caffeinated drinks are among the first to be prohibited. The same prohibition applies to complex foods, hydrogenated oils and alcohol.

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Never do this or you could take very serious risks

Precisely because it involves a significant change in eating habits, this diet cannot be done without first consulting a doctor. In fact, if performed without the supervision of a specialist, it can lead to significant side effects. Indeed, considerably varying one’s daily habits can have negative consequences on the state of general psychophysical well-being. The first physiological symptoms are headaches, nausea and stomach aches.

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To avoid these ailments, it may help to only eliminate the toxic foods that you usually eat bit by bit, rather than eliminating consumption overnight. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of plain water, it’s always important, especially in this period when it starts to get very hot. A sudden feeling of fatigue can also be experienced due to the change in diet: rest when you can and relax. Every path must be taken with awareness or you could really be at serious risk to your health.

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