Diet during pregnancy | what to eat to avoid gaining weight

What is the diet during pregnancy, what to eat to avoid gaining weight during pregnancy? An example of a weekly diet to follow.

Diet during pregnancy, following a diet can be an important helping factor for pregnant women. This particular physical condition often leads future mothers to gain weight, and the repercussions on health, even for the unborn child, cannot be ruled out.

Diet during pregnancy |  what to eat to avoid gaining weight
A pregnant woman (Pixabay)

Especially after gestation, it is important to find an acceptable form, capable of rendering satisfaction both from an aesthetic point of view and tranquility for that of health. The diet during pregnancy will be able to do all of this.

By the way, a good diet also helps to form a very good quality milk with which to feed newborn babies. Recommended foods include cereals, fruits, vegetables, milk and dairy products, extra virgin olive oil and not excessively carbonated mineral water.

And the diet during pregnancy, among the foods considered, also recommends eating legumes, white meat and fishconsume at least 2 or 3 times a week.

Diet during pregnancy, recommended foods and those to avoid

Yes also to red meat and eggs, the consumption of which should however be limited to once or twice. In the event of episodes of intolerance, even slight ones, they should rather be avoided or in any case be limited to the maximum foods like bell peppers, artichokes, asparagus, broccoli and cabbage.

Among other things, they also affect the taste of milk, making it worse. Salt in the diet during pregnancy is best replaced with spices and herbs, instead, coffee should be eliminated.

As well as alcoholic, sugary, carbonated drinks and fatty or preservative-rich foods. Always ask before proceeding consultation with a dietitian or nutritionist.

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The standard menu of the week of the Diet during pregnancy

A pregnant girl
A pregnant girl (Pixabay)


  • BREAKFAST: skimmed milk (200 g); 4 wholemeal crackers (40 g)
  • SNACK: melon and pineapple smoothie (150 g); 3 rusks (30g)
  • LUNCH mashed potatoes (200 g); curly octopus (150 g) with honey (10 g) and pine nuts (20 g); spinach (150 g) and chard (100 g); bread (30 g); Oil (5g)
  • SNACK: orange juice (150 g), apple (150 g) and zucchini (150 g)
  • DINNER: beef carpaccio (100 g) sautéed with cherry tomatoes (150 g), black olives (30 g) and arugula; well-baked and toasted bread (90 g); oil (10g)


  • BREAKFAST: orange juice (150 g); toast (40 g) with slices (30 g)
  • SNACK: centrifuged celery (50 g), orange (150 g), carrot (100 g) and lemon; parmesan or parmesan cheese (30 g)
  • LUNCH: grilled chicken (150 g) with pea soup (100 g) and beans (100 g); toast (90 g); oil (15g)
  • SNACK: fruit (150 g): rusks (30 g)
  • DINNER: pasta (70 g) with goat’s or sheep’s cheese ricotta (100 g) and capers (to taste); broccoli cream (100 g) and carrots (100 g); oil (10g)

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Mid-week feeding


  • BREAKFAST: 1 light yogurt with pieces of fresh fruit (peaches and strawberries) (g 200)
  • SNACK: melon (150g); 1 low-fat yogurt
  • LUNCH: courgettes gratin (courgettes 200 g and breadcrumbs 50 g); Grilled steak (150 g); Well toasted bread (50 g); Oil (15g)
  • SNACK: Almonds or walnuts (30 g); Rice/corn cakes (30 g)
  • DINNER: Barley salad (90 g) with natural tuna (80 g); Julienne carrots (100g) and Julienne zucchini (150g); Oil (10g)


  • BREAKFAST: Skimmed milk (200g); Biscuits (30 g)
  • SNACK: Grapefruit juice; Rusks (30g)
  • LUNCH: Spaghetti alla chitarra (90g) with steamed eggplant (150g) and calamari (150g); Oil (10g)
  • SNACK: Toast (40g); Spreadable cheese (30 g)
  • DINNER: Legumes (40 g) in the form of puree (cream); Veal (150g); Iceberg (200 g); Bread croutons (60 g); Oil (10g)


  • BREAKFAST: Fruit smoothie (150 g) and skimmed milk (200 g); Rusks (20g)
  • SNACK: 1 low-fat yogurt; 30g almonds or walnuts
  • LUNCH: Couscous (80 g) with courgettes (100 g) and chicken strips (150 g); lettuce (100 g); Oil (10g)
  • SNACK: Smoothie with cucumber (150 g), strawberries* (100 g) and bananas (100 g) with skimmed milk (100 g)
  • DINNER: Sea bass fillets (150 g) with lemon; Fennel (200 g) and diced green apple (200 g); Bread (50g); Oil (10g)

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What to eat on the weekend


  • BREAKFAST: Skimmed milk (200 g); Muesli (30g)
  • SNACK: Homemade popsicle with fresh fruit puree (150 g) (kiwi, apple and peaches)
  • LUNCH: Boiled eggs; Cream of spinach (100 g) and chicory (100 g); Unleavened bread (100 g); Oil (10g)
  • SNACK: Centrifuge with carrots, 2 stalks of celery, a slice of watermelon (200 g)
  • DINNER: Bruschetta bread (90 g) with oil (15 g), cherry tomatoes (100 g), courgettes (100 g), diced peppers (50 g) and diced mozzarella (100 g)


  • BREAKFAST: Latte macchiato; 1 small piece of sour cherry or sour cherry tart (60 g)
  • SNACK: Juicer of zucchini (100 g), apple (100 g) and pineapple (150 g);
    2 rice or spelled cakes
  • LUNCH: Free lunch
  • SNACK: Fresh fruit (200g); 20g almonds, hazelnuts or walnuts
  • DINNER: Vegetable cream (200 g); Bread croutons (80 g); Mackerel (100 g); Oil (10g)

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