Do you remember Pippi Longstocking? This is how the redhead girl is reduced today

Pippi Longstocking. Raise your hand if you’ve never seen or known her. On November 26, 1945, writer Astrid Lindgren gave birth to her most famous character. Who knows if he already had in his eyes the face of the one who would have made him famous throughout the world. How’s the one who played the most famous girl on TV today?

Her carrot-colored hair, the freckles that filled a cheeky and devious face, those braids that managed to survive unscathed the reckless adventures of their mistress, those multicolored dresses that were the portrait of her character and those enormous shoes that resembled those of ‘a clown.

Do you remember Pippi Longstocking?  This is how the redhead girl is reduced today
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How many generations have known this little girl who has captured within her the essence of adolescence. The desire to live, to have fun, not to accept the rules, first of all the detestable school, the continual questioning of the why of everything with a curiosity that is matched only by his inevitable smile. She was Pippi Longstocking.

How did you become the person who embodied her and made her famous all over the world?

Pippi Longstocking, her real face

The character of Pippi Longstocking he didn’t have an easy life, especially in the beginning. Some editors objected to the publication of his short stories, as they considered them to be very uneducative. Pedagogues and parents saw in this little girl who only wanted to do what she loved the most, a bad example for children her age.

But all of these difficulties were overcome when, in the early 1970s, a flesh-and-blood face appeared on television to bring this much-maligned character to life. The face of Inger Nilssonhe donated his image to a character who entered the hearts of whole generations of very young people.

With his horse Tatato his pet monkey, the Mr Nilssonexactly like the surname of the interpreter of the protagonist, with his two close friends, the brothers Annika And tommythe child Pippi Longstocking lives his fantastical adventures, telling the incredible stories of the pirate father who sails aboard his ship through the stormy South Seas.

But how did the little girl who played Pippi Longstocking become?

The real face of Pippi Longstocking

Inger Nilsson she was born on May 4, 1959, so she recently completed 63 years. The huge success of the series Pippi Longstocking failed to secure the Swedish actress a significant future in television or film. Worked as a medical secretary at stockholmthanks to his qualifications.

But in the minds of entire generations his name has been, is and will be linked to that of the character Pippi Longstocking. For this reason, there are many hosted by Inger Nilsson in television shows, which intend to retrace these so unique and irreplaceable moments with her.

Also in Italy Inger Nilsson he had the opportunity to tell these moments and the first time was on the show My souldriven by Fabio Fazioyear 1997. Simply exciting.

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