Double job, professor of Florence punished: for years, he has been billing additional missions to fashion houses

The entrance to the Faculty of Engineering of Santa Marta

The university was unaware of the situation: the professor of engineering will have to pay a maximum indemnity

FLORENCE. It was not just occasional consultations. No, for years a Florentine university professor billed and collected tens of thousands of euros for a series of professional assignments without the knowledge of the university. A sort of parallel and hidden double job from those who were already paying him the salary for the tenure of the chair.

No authorization had been issued to Professor Rinaldo Rinaldi, 59, from Florence, at the time of the events dominant also from a professional studio and holder of a VAT number from 2005 to 2016. After the first degree condemnation to compensate the university, now comes the confirmation on appeal with which the engineer’s appeal was rejected: the teacher must pay the university 111 thousand euros in tax damages.

The arguments of the professor, full-time associate in the department of industrial engineering, sector of mechanical industrial installations, were those of a consultancy feasibility, moreover authorized by the university which, in the case of Rinaldi, was unaware of his private activity. . A thesis rejected in two levels of judgment.

The case had emerged during the national investigation by the Guardia di Finanza, dubbed “Magistri”, to unmask the phenomenon of double work in academia.

To clarify the illicit behavior of the professor, the accounting judges quote the act of address of the ministry with which “it is noted that the consulting activity must take on the characteristics of a” work of an intellectual nature, not characterized by the accomplishment of activities typically attributable to professional figures of reference”, “which must end with an opinion, a report or a study”, which must refer to “a service rendered in a personal, unorganized and non-professional capacity, in a occasional and therefore not of a habitual nature but occasional”.

On the contrary, the professor had had professional, and not scientific, relations through advice and opinions, with a series of world-class companies in the fashion and footwear sector.

An example of the stipulated contracts: “The Rinaldi engineer declares to the clients that he is in possession of all the required conditions, knowledge, skills, technical and economic capacities, personnel, equipment, licenses and permits necessary and sufficient to guarantee the execution complete and correct of the shoe factory 2.0 project, with the appropriate skill, professional diligence, management and organization of the necessary means also in consideration of image and prestige”. And in the object it is specified that “all the personnel of the Rinaldi engineer must comply in the premises of the customers with the rules, regulations and provisions in force at the same time in addition to the express prohibition of subcontracting by the ‘engineer Rinaldi who will provide the services related to the Shoe Factory 2.0 project through his own organization.’ of the investigation (copy of contracts and statements made by clients for verbal contracts) how the consultancy activities have been carried out by the same on various occasions even in the presence of an organization of means and people predestined to perform them” . Not sporadic consultations to provide minimal help to individuals, but an incisive and structured contribution. The law forbids it. And the money collected in the duplication now the teacher must pay them to his sole employer.

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