€5m seed round for Hydraink interactive cosmetics led by CDP Venture Capital, flanked by LSG, Stefano Core and Ventiseidieci

€5m seed round for Hydraink interactive cosmetics led by CDP Venture Capital, flanked by LSG, Stefano Core and Ventiseidieciby Francesca Vercesi

Hydraink, innovative startup founded in L’Aquila in 2021 which operates in the “interactive” cosmetics market, has decided to open its capital to new investors with the realization of a round from 5 million euros. CDP Venture Capitalthrough Fondo Italia Venture II – Fondo Imprese Southpossesses lead the operation subscription 4 million, while the rest was subscribed by British venture capital KJVbusiness angel Stefano Core and of twenty six tena Roman high-tech company, founder of Hydraink and in turn founded by Ricardo D’Alessandri (See the press release here).

EY and Advant Nctm Studio Legale acted as legal advisors in connection with the transaction for the benefit of the Investors and the company respectively.

The L’Aquila company intends to revolutionize the cosmetics market by developing products capable of interacting with the consumer by modifying their effect after application, using cutting-edge materials that aim for a sustainable production cycle. For the company, innovation means introducing skin, nail and hair care that can change both shade and tint of color dynamically and according to consumer preferences. With the formulation and creation of colors based on chromogenic materials, it will indeed be possible to transform the surface of the body into a kind of interactive platform. Simply put: change the color of applied makeup via an app on your smartphone.

“Today, younger generations feel the need to communicate differently, depending on the occasion, the time of day and their mood,” they said from Hydraink. “Current cosmetic formulations always convey a static message throughout the day. We want to fill that void.”

Francesca Otierresponsible for Fondo Italia Venture II – Fondo Imprese Sud of CDP Venture Capital Sgr, added: “Hydraink works in the cosmetic scene and stands out by focusing on research and the use of cutting-edge materials for a completely new and attentive to environmental sustainability”.

As for the Fondo Imprese Sud of Cdp Venture Capital, we recall that it joined forces two days ago with the Italian travel tech specializing in quality tourism to the Belpaese and listed on Euronext Growth Milan Destination Italy and Viterbo’s holding company SMP Holding srl to create a center of excellence aimed at strengthening experiential tourism in southern Italian destinations, using Sicily as a starting platform Italy experience srl (see other article BeBeez). In mid-February, she participated, together with Opes Lcef Trust, a fund managed by the investment company Opes Italia spa Sicaf EuVECA, focused on impact venture capital investment, and Sefea Impact sgr, in through the Sì – Social Impact Fund, to the raising of 2 million euros from Giffoni Innovation Hub, the Campania hub for the development of innovative projects which also participates in the realization of the Giffoni Fil Festival (see another article by BeBeez).

We remind you that Ventiseidieci is an Italian company active in research and development in the field of new materials, biotechnologies and artificial intelligence. Founder D’Alessandri also leads Scientific Venture Capital, a reality that invests in the pre-seed, seed and start-up phases of startups operating in the field of scientific research and technological innovation, and which has just launched its first call. The company is owned by the same Ventiseidieci, also in this case flanked by LSG Ventures Limited.

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