Earth Day 2022: All Planet-Friendly Beauty Brands and Initiatives

Attention to the environment is the new beauty mantra: Ingredients, naturalness and packaging are the three main criteria for evaluating the sustainability of a product. Support for the planet, moreover, not only never goes out of style but strengthens each year the commitment of sectors such as beauty that are more and more converted to the cause. The climate emergency, in fact, is becoming more and more serious and it is for this reason that, every year, World Earth Day, April 22, acquires from time to time a greater significance. Created in 1970, it is the initiative that for years has brought together millions of people everywhere in favor of the environment, highlighting the urgent actions to be implemented to save the world that welcomes us. And the cosmetics market has been questioning itself for years about it, trying to change habits.

Sustainability criteria

76% of Italians choose green products at home and 65% of salons that are provided with it as proof of a the green beauty market is no longer a niche market and is increasingly flourishing. But what elements are taken into account in the calculation of the level of sustainability of a product? According to a study conducted by Treatwell, Europe’s leading online booking portal for beauty and wellness services, the read the ingredients it is the first criterion taken into account by almost half (44%) of Italians to assess the degree of sustainability of a product. This is followed by the calculation of the percentage of natural ingredients, considered essential for 40% and the evaluation of the packaging, essential for 39%. The most durable material? A good 82% responds to the glass. The ranking of the main methods of discernment ends with respect for the cruelty free logo (primary for 33%), the solid format instead of liquid (21%) and the fact that the product is vegan (only 10%).

Products adapted to the needs and benefit of the Planet

Instead, according to Garnier’s annual One Green Step research (2021), 83% of people want to be more sustainable, but only 5% think they are already doing this: this duality between wanting to be more sustainable and taking action is what the brand wants to help solve. People will only consume more sustainable products if they are efficient and more responsible, suited both to their needs and to improving the footprint on the planet.

Like Garnier Ultra Dolce solid shampoo, voted product of the year 2022, it is the solution for taking care of the hair thanks to packaging that produces zero plastic waste, recyclable cardboard, and a 94% original formula. vegetable. Instead, the conditioner is produced in one of Garnier’s state-of-the-art, zero-emission WaterLoop factories, which account for 18% of the company’s manufacturing footprint: the goal is to achieve 100% carbon neutral industrial sites by 2025. , and 100% Waterloop by 2030. Both answer the question Can beauty consume less water? that the brand has partnered with National Geographic (in collaboration, they created a video-pill on the subject). Today, in fact, about 1/3 of the population does not have access to drinking water, and the demand is increasing more and more.


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Recycling, filling boom and other initiatives

Among the beauty brands attentive and sensitive to environmental issues, the Swedish brand & Other Stories, for example, with the recycling program active in its stores, is committed to disposing of and correctly reusing the packaging of sold-out beauty products and clothing and textiles no longer used.

While Alama Professional, a brand of high quality hair care products, distributed in GDO and Drugstore, with the Earth Friendly project started a conscious path towards eco-sustainability a few years ago and today also presents the 100 ml Eco Refill travel size. A new shampoo and conditioner format in a mini version to always take with you, on the go or at the gym. Thanks to this new mini eco refill, the hair care brand has reduced the use of plastic in packaging by 50%, with the aim of raising awareness of the concept of the 3 Rs: REDUCE-REUSE-RECYCLE, the consolidated pillars of the philosophy of the brand committed to conscious beauty.

Instagram content

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The people of Provence, for their part, who have always been at the forefront of sustainable development and strong in their values ​​of responsibility and attention to the environment, want to get involved and invite the Social Community to tell and share their daily gesture of love for the planet with the #ilnostrogestogren initiative. Until April 22 on the Instagram platform it is possible to tag @i_provenzali in story and share your green gesture to protect our planet. In addition, by inserting the hashtag #ILNOSTROGESTOGREEN, there is the possibility of receiving a tree from the Treedom Forest of I Provenzali and thus following at all times its history and the evolution of the project to maintain biodiversity, absorb of CO2 and above all the support of local communities.

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And Maria Nila, a Swedish hair care brand, like every year, supports an animal defense cause.
In 2022, he is working with The Perfect World Foundation and The Sloth Institute of Costa Rica to protect an animal as cute as it is in danger: the sloth.

In particular, she adopted two puppies, Georgie and Gordita, who undergo a long rehabilitation process before being released into the wild. To celebrate Earth Day 2022, they are announcing that they have raised and donated over €56,000 to The Sloth Institute! In addition, through the international website, everyone will be able to contribute to the well-being of Georgie and Gordita (the adopted sloths) by donating €1 for each purchase.

Additionally, the 1st MAKE UP FOR EVER ACADEMY exhibition begins today, an exhibition that features over 30 artworks from our students with a theme close to our hearts about reconnecting with nature.Reconnection to nature it will be a traveling exhibition that will travel the world throughout the year 2022 but which will also be “visitable” through a fully dedicated digital site. This digital space includes videos, interviews and exclusive content that tell the backstage of these marvelous works of art. The site is online from today April 22, World Earth Day.

In the gallery we have collected these brands and many more with a green heart. To put on the list to ethically revolutionize the beauty kit and reconnect with the environment around us.

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