Eurovision and Europop fashion: clothing auctions on Catawiki

Eurovision and Europop fashion: clothing auctions on Catawiki

Jamala with Yuliya Magdych’s dress

Colourful, sparkling, often noisy, definitely quirky: this is how we imagine the outfits that follow one another on the Eurovision stage, worn by artists from all over Europe.

eclectic fashion, we would call Europop: this is the name of the auction on Catawiki, which began to coincide with the festival and is due to end on May 18. A’charity auction hosted by the online auction giant born in 2008, famous for the high level of selected objects and for its charitable initiatives. On this occasion, the proceeds will be donated to the Yellow-Blue Foundation, which provides immediate security solutions, technological equipment for doctors, support for civil infrastructure and environmental control in Ukraine.

crazy europop

The French duo Madame Monsieur

But what we will find precisely by accessing the Europop Charity Fashion for Ukraine? On the one hand, it will be possible to enter clothes or accessories actually worn by artists on the Eurovision stage during past editions. Among all this stands out the dress worn by the Ukrainian singer Jamala during the opening ceremony of the kyiv edition in 2017, after winning in Sweden the previous year. According to experts, the dress, created by Ukrainian designer Yuliya Magdych, will reach a product of around 4000 euros. Also the French electro pop duo Madame Monsieur donated autographed sneakers, worn in Lisbon in 2018.

On the other hand, the auction wants to embody and celebrate, as already mentioned, the eclectic spirit of Europop fashion. So here it isbees inspired by iconic moments, from the first edition of 1956 to today. As he points out Lorenzo Altimani, commissioner of the auction: “Since 1956, the unifying message of Eurovision has united audiences around the world through joyful presentations, cultural stories, creativity and unparalleled fun. Our charity auction aims to capture the essence of Eurovision style and the diversity behind this special event. The auction will take place as millions of fans watch the singing competition live and offer them the chance to own a rare piece of Eurovision history while supporting the people of Ukraine.

We want to give you a little insight:

europop boots

Christian Louboutin’s “Chelsea stage” boots. Like those worn by the Maneskin during the 2021 edition, and before them by the Abba, winners of the competition in 1974. In common? Dizzying and square heels.

europop like

The Comme des Garçons silver blazer. In almost all editions, silver looks appear on stage. How can we forget in particular the drag queen Verka Serduchka, who participated representing Ukraine in 2007.

europop bow

The Rainbow Dress by Alcoholic. A joyous tribute to the LGBTQ+ community, rainbow outfits have been worn over the years by authors and artists, like Francesco Gabbani in 2017 and Lydia, representing Spain in 1999.


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