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Diego Di Novella

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“I like women in the flesh but I make them lose weight”, is the title of the book written by Diego Di Novella presented on Saturday afternoon at the Totó cinema in Sassano. Silvia Mezzanotte, the singer who, together with Matia Bazar, won the Sanremo festival in 2002, also took part in the event. Diego Di Novella, with a simple and effective style and rich in scientific content, explains how it is possible to lose weight well and for a long time. Di Novella, has a rich curriculum: pharmacist, graduated from the University of Siena in 2000, he completed a Master’s degree in Medicinal Plants at the University of Naples Federico II, a Master’s degree in Cosmetic Sciences and Technologies at the University of Siena , Master in Health Economics and Management at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. He is a university lecturer at the Department of Chemistry of Natural Substances of Federico II University of Naples. He is also the author of FarmaMenu, the first and only search engine in the world on the interactions between drugs, foods and medicinal plants, now adopted by medical and nutritional practices, pharmacies, hospital services. Diego Di Novella, in more than two hundred pages accompanied by photographs and graphs with scientific technical data, in short, presents a pleasant and never trivial journey that traces his story as a young professional and curious researcher who comes to dispel unsuspected beliefs about the food, subverting traditional diets. Eating well means feeling better inside and out and Di Novella demonstrates this based on his decades of nutritional experience with the thousands of successful cases achieved with his Nutritional Liposuction. During the presentation of the book, nutritional biologist Roberta Rubino also spoke. A presentation dedicated to healthy eating that wants to share the pleasure of feeling good with oneself and with others. On the theme of events and the “table”, a training day was held on Monday May 2 for the students of classes IV and V of the Professional Institute of Hospitality and Catering “IPSEOA” from Sant’Arsenio to the Municipal Theater “G. Beau”. “Cancer prevention in the kitchen” is the theme of the meeting wanted by the local municipal administration in collaboration with LILT, the Italian League for the Fight against Tumors, offices of Salerno and Sant’Arsenio. The program included the presentation of the meeting by Vincenzo Forte, president of the LILT Sant’Arsenio delegation, greetings from Dr. Emilio Greco and Clorinda D’Ascoli vice-president of LILT Salerno, greetings from the mayor Donato Pica. Whereas then “The Mediterranean Diet” was featured in Dr. Gabriele Mare’s report, “Nutrition and Prevention” featured prominently in Dr. Giuseppe Altieri’s report. There were many curiosities aroused by the subject at the center of the round table which saw the participation and attention of the community present. Prevention starts from the table: this is the theme launched on this occasion, which allowed the setting up of a debate and reflections from different points of view.

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