“Everyone in discussion, that’s the beauty of the letter.” Lucarelli, pride and Serie A

“I have not been stoned. I do not think I have to explain to anyone given my history and if you read carefully you will understand that this letter does not take away my professional and moral freedom. : it’s something that brings value and as far as I’m concerned, I want to be Ternana’s third coach to bring him to Serie A. The third Tuscan.” Referring to Enzo Riccomini and Corrado Viciani. These are some of the passages from Cristiano Lucarelli’s long press conference with a particular focus on the famous “pact” – against a backdrop of controversy, irony and criticism, even authoritarian – signed to continue the adventure to the guide technique of red-green. There were not missing some particular accents. At the end of the article a short video summary.


Modestino and Lucarelli

Lucarelli’s version and the ‘barter’ for the signature

Many were perplexed both by the letter of intent itself and, above all, by the official publication. On the other hand, something like this has never been seen before and there are those who think it exposes in a way that isn’t really the business and those who have decided to do it that way given Lucarelli’s existing contract until 2025: “The feeling is that we both focused very much on form and little on substance, it’s a sharing of planning. Much worse there are technicians – began the coach of Livorno – who pay to train. What happened is part of the enthusiasm and desire to win of our president”. It is he himself who adds a detail to the story: “Perhaps I would have written it a little better (he says smiling, editor’s note), but the content is obvious and the ‘barter’ for the signature was the publication. I take responsibility for it. full responsibility because everyone must know: the beauty of the letter is that we are all in discussion”, he wanted to specify – obviously not by chance – the promo tion 1975.



To feel far from Terni, pride and cowardice

Of course, the story didn’t turn out so well, far from it. Lucarelli admits it: “There was the possibility of not continuing and for more than a day I felt far from Terni because I risked being overwhelmed by my pride rather than by logic”, he said. he continued, still referring to the Letter of Intent. The turning point occurred on Monday during the meeting with Bandecchi: “He took me in the right direction by telling me that if I refused I would be a coward because he did not impose anything on me. After reading the letter written by him (he wanted to reiterate it, ed) something has been fixed: I don’t think there are things that beat me or force me to do certain things. A month ago we were talking about four unders and now we are talking about a higher number for the market. Therefore, it reinforces intentions and ambitions. It takes nothing away.”

Work in progress in one of the fields in via Narni (May 18)

4-3-2-1 and the issue of modules

We also talked about the sports director Luca Leone, for the moment very taciturn: “The team is going to set up the ds precisely, it was just to put it in writing. I informed the company of what needed to be done and also mentioned a few names. Fortunately, I don’t deal with the market. Problems with him? Sometimes we had different opinions about the players. But for me it’s the debate that keeps us going, it also happened in C. I share 99% of the company’s philosophy on the market, teams are made in the summer. The shapes of the letter? We have identified those that can improve the characteristics of the team. The 3-5-2 brought us some results but the characteristics of our attackers are not 3-5-2. I used it against the will of the president, in the pre Cosenza when he learned that it is not that he jumped for joy. I took my responsibilities”. Then the anticipation of the future: “The starting tactical system will be 4-3-2-1 with Falletti and Partipilo behind the attacker, Palumbo half-attacker. In general there is no veto on the forms”. On July 1, there is a meeting in the city, the 4 all in retreat in Cascia: “The sooner you have 80-90% of the group, the better”. Vice President Paolo Tagliavento also attended the conference.


Leone, Bandecchi, Tagliavento and Mammarella

Lucarelli’s “but” on content and toys

He could not miss – he often does – a statistical wink when he reads the part of the letter where Bandecchi talks about attack and defense: “My team has scored 164 goals in two years, should I worry me? I continue on this path. Improve the defensive phase? Admittedly, we conceded 61 goals. But thirty-six in 9-10 matches, the rest in 27-28 matches. The figure must be lowered to be protagonists, we conceded fifteen more goals than necessary. This toy has been around for as long as Lucarelli and his team have been around. Results in hand. I would have regretted that for my pride it was someone else who benefits from this work and from a company that lacks nothing; it is possible that other people will be included in the technical staff”. Lucarelli for the arrangement of the lawns via Narni spoke of an expense of around 130 thousand euros.

Lucarelli in conversation with Capuano

Lucarelli, Serie A and the fans

Visor on top: “If it’s about cultivating a dream, in my life I’ve cultivated a lot of them on my skin. I wanted to take Livorno to Serie A and I took them to the UEFA Cup and arrived with them in the national team; I wanted to do something important and I was the top scorer in A. I wanted to come to Terni and win the league, I set 18 records. We had a dream, to win the super cup in the derby and it was done. We aimed to score 50 points this year and we have achieved 54. I received a thousand messages between Instagram and Messenger from Ternana fans asking me to stay and put my pride aside. With the letter I did something that maybe I haven’t even done in the past with the Livorno shirt, I was amazed. It’s time to be concrete, I want to grow and I want to bring Ternana to Serie A. We take a trip and now, even with the guarantees in terms of reinforcement, the ball goes to the club. La Ternana did her apprenticeship this year doing what she had to do. He always played to win. There is also a noble reason why I stayed. Not specified which one.

Leone, Mammarella and Bandecchi

The words after Frosinone and the exchange with Bandecchi

In the center of attention was also the disputed comment – by Bandecchi – by Lucarelli after the match in Frosinone: “They are those of those who in the past, after a 7-0 in favor, said that they did not like not a few minutes because they had to build a state of mind. My words were a spur to the players and were not of surrender,” the audience responded to the Livorno entrepreneur. revealed some exchanges he had with Bandecchi in recent days: “I told him if he wanted my resignation and he replied that my salary does not make him rich or poor. I told him which of the three Bandecchi I have to identify myself: the one on Instagram, the interviews or the one in person,” he joked at the point. The ‘break the lines’ next week, then a month off: “July 1st we will be different mentally.” All that remains is to wait. In the meantime, according to what has been learned, the approval (not to be confused with the adoption that has already taken place) of the variant at the Prg (Villa Palma compartment) after the period of observations and counter- Observations for the new sports center are expected in early June.


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