Fashion and figures in play at Eurovision

Eurovision 2022 hosts Alessandro Cattelan, Laura Pausini and Mika (courtesy Valentino/Pausini team)

The number to beat is 183 million. This is to date the all-time record for viewers from 36 countries (accurately calculated just over a week after the event) of the final of Eurovision that a year ago, in Rotterdam, saw the triumph of Maneskin and brought the song contest back to Italy. “Over the past year, we have seen our community’s interest in Eurovision grow and evolve. We are proud to have managed to bring it all to life, both inside and out. ICT Tac“, Explain Rich Waterworthgeneral manager of TikTok Europeevent partner.

Even social media numbers indeed see equally impressive volumes. In the same week alone, the contest’s official social media accounts generated 14 million engagement shares on posts on instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tik Tok. Content from the official Facebook page reached 21 million people with an additional 8 million people reached on Instagram where posts were viewed 170 million times and 80 million total views for Eurovision-related videos over the course of the week of the event. The competition is also for this reason under the spotlight of the fashion industry. From the declaration documents of Valentino And Gucci looking for Alberta Ferretti for Laura Pausinifashion flirts with flashes at the festival.

“After sponsoring events like the ceremony of the Oscarwe have chosen to join Eurovision for ten years, because it has a growing visibility in which we believe”, specifies behind the scenes to Pala Isozaki heavily armored Antonio Corral Caleroglobal creative director of the Isaraelo-Canadian beauty group Moroccan oil. “All the artists pass through our space and our parties are among the most coveted”, he jokes (see CFP of May 13).

Mahmood and Blanco, Eurovision finalists (courtesy Valentino / Sgp Italia)

And after the release of Achille Lauroin Gucci, running (with the sensational style of Nick Cerioniamong the five magnificent chosen to tell the backstage of Eurovision fashion in the format MFF Voice (to see CFP of May 9) on the site and on social networks), especially since the cheers are on mahmoud And Whitewith a style respectively of Suzanne Ausoni (to see CFP of May 10) and little idols (to see CFP of May 11), whose video interviews are also an exclusive preview of the site and visible in clips on TVs in airports and metros with the partner Telesia.

And for the toto-podium, after the second semi-final, the hierarchies on the list of winners do not change, still dominated by the Ukrainian band of Kalush orchestra with their song Stephanieoffered at a share that fluctuates between 1.37 times the stakes of planetwin365the 1.35 of Snail And Betclic and 1.40 from The United Kingdom remains on the podium, with Sam Ryder and his space man offered between 6:50 a.m. and 7:50 a.m. Italy follows with prices ranging from 6.50 to 8. (reproduction reserved)

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