Fashion and music: the art of styling

Fashion and music are two sides of the same coin, two universes of meaning that interact and hybridize. We’ve always tended to think of them as a whole and maybe we couldn’t even imagine one separate from the other. Artists like Elvis PresleyI Beatles, Madonna, michael jackson, Lady Gaga, they taught us that the right image can define if not create a characteras much as his talent.
After all, many researchers have studied this connection, first of all the anthropologist Ted Polhemus who has repeatedly pointed out how “throughout history the musician has been a figure who is watched, as well as listened to. “. Fashion and music are therefore two forms of communication, two real languages. Today more than ever, the image of musical talents is built at the table and behind this operation there are the stylistprofessional figures capable of giving life to imaginations with a strong emotional impact, which powerfully attract our gaze.

The stylists transforming Italian music showbiz, from Susanna Ausoni to Ramona Tabita to Nick Cerioni

“To dress a person is first to know his true nature. This is where it all begins. For me, clothes are bridges between different cultural and physical areas: my work is only complete when solids are built”. With these words Suzanne Ausoni, queen of Italian celebrity styling, describes the craft that led her to collaborate with major artists in music and showbiz; behind a long career that began with MTV in the 90s, he is today the creator of looks for stars of the caliber of mahmoud, Elisa And Noemie.

It was with Susanna Ausoni that he formed Nicolò “Nick” Cerioni, a creative visionary who often and willingly uses the key to irony and astonishment. For more than ten years, he has collaborated with Jovanottia partnership that recalls how “A great school that is not only professional but above all human. Lorenzo trusted me at a time when no one believed in my, our work. I always watch what we have done together with emotion. For me, he is a teacher, a creative volcano, a huge artist capable of uplifting even those around him”.

Cerioni’s signature aesthetic is certainly impactful and often controversial, it is no coincidence that he is the one who gives life to many looks in Achille Lauroincluding the one signed Gucci worn during the 2020 Sanremo Festival, a tulle and crystal onesie impossible to forget. The Roman singer-songwriter, according to him, “is a precious artist because he is unique and inimitable. He embodies many contrasts that make what he does powerful and mysterious, in an incredible duality of shadow and light. I will always be grateful to him for giving me the opportunity to create together the whole creative project of many performances, videos and photos. Working with Lauro made me feel free, the best feeling ever”.
Even the glam rock style of Maneskin is the work of Cerioni, as well as the trend adopted by Orietta Berti lately; “Orietta is a free, open woman, she’s our Lady Gaga,” he argues, a decidedly risky comparison but which shows all the irony of the restyling in question.

Sometimes a change in image can turn an artist’s career upside down. He knows it well Ramona Tabitaone of the most requested stylists, “responsible” for the metamorphosis of Elodie by style Friends to that of femme fatale. He has worked for years with Ghali: “We wanted a non-standard image, different from the classic one of the rapper with baggy pants and sneakers. We opted for a refined aesthetic, with sartorial silhouettes, which through contrasts would highlight her silhouette,” he explains.

Famous stylists behind Levante’s looks, Lista rep Blanco: ‘Mr. Lollo’ and Tiny Idols

Uplifting Style
Lorenzo Oddo with Levant

New big names in the industry include Lorenzo Oddoin art Mr Lollofashion designer (for years in the team of Marco De Vincenzo) and stylist reference of Levant, of which he says: “Claudia has an extraordinary expressive force, she is like a white sheet that is tinted each time with different colors through her clothes. He has an extraordinary charisma, he can wear anything without his image being dominated by it”. It was during one of his concerts that he met The representative of the list (Veronica Lucchesi and Dario Mangiaracina), whose image he edited at Sanremo 2022. Commenting on the collaboration, he recalls: “When I listened to the play I immediately thought of staging characters, we spent months in the archives of Moschino looking for the right bits to help us visually represent the themes of the song. After all, the song is apparently light, funny, but at the same time it asks for important thoughts about the world around us. We chose looks that seemed playful, but carried a message of depth, impactful outfits that complemented the story perfectly. The style starts from the head, there must be a thought behind it”.

The representative of the Sanremo 2022 list
Veronica Lucchesi, Lorenzo Oddo, Dario Mangiaracina
The representative of the Moschino list
Lorenzo Oddo with The representative of the list

If from the last Festival we will retain the light coats and blouses worn by Whitethe credit is little idols (Silvia Ortombina), who has collaborated with the artist for years.
“I wanted to translate the carnal into simple elegance, to represent the mind more than the body, to tell a lucid dream that feeds on an authentic and real feeling. Pierpaolo Piccioli always knew how to translate this type of aesthetic in a superb way and for me it was an honor to work with the team Valentino from the slogan of the house: cape and muslin. I wanted to give life to a strong message by combining embroidery and tattoos, to redraw the body in a precious but at the same time simple way, to affirm that fashion is not a question of trend, but of style”. How to blame her?

Blanco Factory Milan
White at the Milan Factory (ph. Roberto Graziano Moro)
Blanco fashion designer
White (ph. Roberto Graziano Moro)

In the opening image, Blanco in concert at the Fabrique, tel. Roberto Graziano Moro

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