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On the occasion of the event organized by the brand Ten minutes to the moon in Rome, Manintown had the opportunity to discuss with Ricardo Gori, a designer with a decidedly daring style, with a penchant for bold colors and graphics. An attitude that fits perfectly with the proposals of the latest capsule collection of the Italian street brand, which revolves around the reinterpretation in a refined touch, aimed at enhancing the uniqueness of each, of the cornerstones of workwear, in particular futuristic-inspired prints, accents on geometries and intense colors declined however in measured tones, from cream to orange, to recurring shades of black and green.

Launched in one of the most exclusive “secret locations” in the Eternal City, the must-haves from the Ten Minutes To Moon collection have also been chosen and worn by Gori.
Young, passionate about fashion and music, he is known on social networks as Rich in ghosts; in a short time, he managed to build his own very active fan base, with whom he shares his emotions and ideals through unique shots.

What relationship do you have with music?

The passion for music was transmitted to me by my father, from an early age; he traveled a lot to see his favorite singers.
I was influenced by his passion: I don’t have a favorite genre, I love musical culture in all directions. Depending on the moment I live, music helps me a lot. It really saved me from the typical period we live in during the height of adolescence, between 14 and 18, pushing me, making me realize how to pursue my dreams and still be myself. It gave me a big boost!

The Ricardo Gori years
For Riccardo Gori (right): TM trucker hat, black TM work jacket, orange TM multi-patch t-shirt, TM work pants, all Ten minutes to the moon

How and when did you start these social activities? What do you think of Instagram and TikTok: can you work through these platforms? With Which do you identify with the most?

I happily use Instagram, I like it more than TikTok because I started from there. Objectively, I don’t know how long TikTok will last, but it certainly helps to go viral.
For a year now, IG has been helping me get inspired so much. During the day I worked in a normal store, in the evening I took my revenge, I could post and express myself freely. I was at work all day every day, from 8am to 8pm, being able to have fun on social media and showing myself for who I really was was kind of a revenge, in a positive way. .
I was able to show that I could do it alone, even at the family level; social media helped me understand what I didn’t want to do and what couldn’t be my way.

Model Ricardo Gori
TM trucker cap, orange TM multi-patch t-shirt, TM work pants, everything Ten minutes to the moon

You are very young: what do you think your success is due to? What do you think your followers like the most?

I have always attributed my success not to something more, but to the fact that I have nothing more than the others. The secret is to be humble: spontaneously revealing myself has taken me far.
Sometimes the key is not to have who knows what talent, but to be simple and authentic: a lot is in me. I am always close to those who follow me, I don’t want to be perceived as inaccessible, as singers or actors.

Influencer Rccardo Gori
Riccardo Gori (right): TM trucker hat, black TM work jacket, TM multi-patch t-shirt, TM work pants, all Ten minutes to the moon

What is your relationship with fashion? Do you want to create your own brand?

A very intimate relationship, in addition to studying it, I am about to graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. If music pushed me to occupy myself, fashion built me, trained me, it also protected me. I think these are two very related areas.
Fashion helps you feel good about yourself, I live it both mentally and physically.
At the moment I don’t know if I would like to create my own brand, the idea certainly fascinates me, also from a marketing and communication point of view. If you had asked me this question two years ago, the answer would have been yes, but now everyone wants to create everything, with little creativity, and the enthusiasm has dropped a bit… Today we become fashion only because it’s fashionable.

Influencer Riccardo Gori
TM trucker cap, orange TM multi-patch t-shirt, TM work pants, everything Ten minutes to the moon

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