Fashion stores, Camomilla Italia consolidates the franchise project

Fashion stores, with more than 240 single-brand stores in the region and 10 new openings, Camomilla Italia consolidates the franchise project.

Fashion stores, for 25 years commercial affiliation continues to be at the center of the brand’s strategy, which today has 240 single-brand stores in the territory with a forecast of 10 new openings, and invests in omnichannel to make the shopping experience more and more tailor-made

Camomilla Italia continues to believe in franchise projectwhich for 25 years has been a fundamental element of the brand’s success strategy, with more than 240 single-brand stores open throughout the territory and the forecast of 10 new openings.

The launch of its franchise format took place in 1997 with a completely innovative formula, based on the sales account with full return of unsold items for partners, which has helped to disseminate and consolidate the forty-year history of Camomilla, its know-how in Italy and its style characterized by elegant and feminine but always versatile garments, suitable for 24 hours.

For this, Camomilla Italia has always sought in its ideal franchisee a partner driven by enthusiasm and ambition, with commercial experience and an interest in fashion, and always attentive to the customer.

L’offer franchising di Camomilla Italia wants in fact to favor the birth of a real collaboration of activities with partners, with the common goal of the growth of the company.

And it does this by providing all the necessary tools, from e-commerce platform to drive online and in-store sales in “infinite shelf” mode at centralized and free management webmarketing campaigns targeting drive to store, up to Merchandise on sale and support in store design.

Today, with more than 3 million articles sold per year, Camomilla Italia’s commercial affiliation strategy confirms its success and aims to evolve by opening up to new challenges. Like focusing more and more onomnichannel.

Taking into account new consumer needs and new market opportunities, the brand aims to encourage renewal tailored shopping experience and provides partners with all useful tools for single channel monitoring such as click & collect service, whatsapp business, camo express, page optimization on google maps and store locator, clienteling application and external application of the Salesforce Service Cloud.

Thanks to these new measures, Camomilla Italia expects to sign new agreements while establishing new relationships with entrepreneurs who are already part of the Camomilla Italia family and who intend to expand their commercial network with the company.

Among these, excellent performances were recorded in reference markets such as Piedmont, which achieved good results in terms of turnover thanks to existing points of sale; but also Liguria, in particular the Ligurian Riviera, which represents an area of ​​great interest for Camomilla Italia.

At the same time, performance and services are being optimized in markets where the brand is already widely present, such as Sicily and Puglia, and finally, with regard to seaside resorts, the expansion project will focus on Liguria, Tuscany and Puglia and Sicily. with the new SS22 collection with a strong holiday imprint.

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