FINAL Sassuolo-Empoli Under 18 3-1: Sassuolo finishes in style

Welcome to the direct from Sassuolo-Empoli, a match valid for the 30th day of the Under-18 Championship. The match is scheduled for today, Saturday May 14, at 4 p.m. at the Mapei Football Center in Sassuolo. Canale Sassuolo will tell you all the emotions of the match against Empoli on this page. Go Sasol!

Live Sassuolo-Empoli Under 18

FINAL Sassuolo-Empoli Under 18 3-1: Sassuolo finishes in style


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5:48 p.m. ENDS HERE! The Under-18 side closed the league in style by beating Empoli 3-1 at the Guarnoli: Forest, Loporcaro and Semeraro scoring around the turn of the break, Ofoma scoring the Empoli flag goal. Under 18 temporarily ninth in the standings, pending the result of Genoa-Milan.

92′ One-two between Sighinolfi and Sasanelli: the strike of the latter is oversized.

91′ Pieracci leaves amid public incitements, but his passage takes Menga offside.

90′ Three minutes of recovery.

90′ Kidney shot from Zafferri, who gets a corner.

89′ EMPOLI OBJECTIVE! Ofama the square on the far post, Lombardo does not succeed. Flag goal for Empoli.

87′ Empoli Opportunity! Perfect cross from Pieracci for Menga who, alone in the surface, is sorely lacking in mirrors.

87′ Ekong awards a corner to his team.

85′ Strong if he moves it to the left and tries the shot: ball out a few meters.

84′ Late entry from Indragoli on Sighinolfi: sacrosanct yellow, number 5 apologizes.

83′ Pieracci caught offside. Now the game has little to say.

82′ Uncertain naively loses another ball to Menga, who once again makes an error in the technical choice by giving possession to Cipi.

81′ Prolonged action by Sassuolo which ends with a fault in attack by Sighinolfi: Boakye had tried to clear on the shot for the 4-0.

79 Cannavaro head placed: Campinoti sure in the grip.

79′ Campinoti does not trust the grip and throws the ball away with his fists in the middle of his area. The action continues with a cross from Sighinolfi deflected for a corner.

78′ Last change for Sassuolo: exit from Lolli, in Boakye.

77′ Pieracci recovers the ball on the trocar and, despite the pass line with two companions, chooses the personal conclusion: ball in the parking lot.

76′ Baldari looks for the hole for Sighinolfi, but Empoli understands everything and blocks.

75′ Uncertain unleashes the ball with simplicity, but Menga misses the simplest of supports allowing Cannavaro to recover.

73 Baldari stubbornly lands a tackle, then seeks Zafferri with a difficult touch from the right wing: the ball bounces off Kegni and returns to Empoli’s feet.

72′ Long shot from Zafferri: high ball.

72′ Applause also for Forte, who gets rid of an opponent by getting clogged.

71′ Sighinolfi enters the match with a sombrero and a right-footed shot saved by Campinoti.

70′ Torpedo from Menga for Ekong, who can’t control the ball.

69′ Two changes for Empoli: to Kegni and Ofama for Crasta and Sartini.

67′ Another triple change for Sassuolo: on Bonucci, Henriksen and Loporcaro, in Lombardo, Cipi and Sighinolfi.

66′ Excellent intervention by Cannavaro on Ekong, who had taken some time: the number 18 remains standing and the referee does not whistle for a penalty.

65 Good central track from Uncertain for Forte, who flies again towards the right wing: ball inaccessible for everyone.

62′ Sassuolo Opportunity! Henriksen’s head misses the mirror by inches.

61′ Loporcaro recovers the ball and throws it vertically for Baldari: Crasta manages to take a corner but pays for an attack with cramps.

60′ Excellent fanning by Sasanelli for Loporcaro, who almost made fun of Campinoti for the second time: in this case however, he commits a fault for a push on Innocenti.

59′ Bonucci takes a huge risk, but also the crowd’s applause after the touch of the sole that sent Menga’s pressure out of gear.

58′ Sasanelli too hasty, whose passage is in no man’s land.

57′ Triple change for Sassuolo: outside Mandrelli, Semeraro and Foresta, inside Incerti, Forte and Zafferri.

56′ Sabbatasso shoots on the fly, missing the goal mirror.

55′ Sartini’s Cross phoned for Bonucci, who called her and made her his own.

54 indecision of Henriksen, who supports his withdrawal from Menga: Empoli however continues to be sterile in the offensive phase.

53′ Fiasconi tries again to change the cards on the table: Pieracci and Mmenga enter in place of Regoli and Panicucci.

51′ Sasanelli verticalizes for Mandrelli: deviation out, we start from the flag.

48′ GOOOOOOOLLLL SASSUOLOOOOO! SEMERARO! Diagram on a successful corner for Sassuolo: Sasanelli leans in tow for Semeraro, who shoots at the net as before: the ball passes between a forest of legs and deceives Campinoti, it’s 3-0 Sassuolo.

48′ Sassuolo opportunity! Cinquegrano crosses at the far post for Sasanelli, who overpowers Sartini and heads into the net: Campinoti takes a corner.

46′ Sasanelli wins a clinch but can’t do anything to Sabbatasso’s recovery.

46′ FILMING BEGINS! First change for Empoli: outside Di Natale, inside Ekong.

4:45 p.m. END OF FIRST HALF! Sassuolo-Empoli’s first half couldn’t have ended better: Cascione’s boys went 2-0 up thanks to goals from Foresta and Loporcaro.

45′ GOOOOOOOLLLL SASSUOLOOOOOOO! Campinoti’s blunder, who completely misses the timing of the fist intervention: Loporcaro anticipates it with a header and deposits the 2-0 directly into the goal.

44 ‘Retained on Lolli in the black-green penalty area: fault in attack and penalty for Sassuolo.

42′ GOOOOOLLLLL SASSUOLOOOOOOO! WHAT OBJECTIVE FOR ANGELO FOREST! The greens and blacks take Empoli’s defense off guard, enter the box as they wish, but choose the most difficult way to score: it’s a southpaw on the volley from Foresta, from the top left of the box repair, to find the bottom of the bag on the opposite side.

40 ‘Blow to the tachometer of Forest for Sasanelli, who enters the area with a double step on Sartini: the shot is however not up to par and ends up high, the former Monopoli is desperate.

39′ Bucchioni starts in percussion going to the limit shot: good Bonucci in two stages.

37′ Sasanelli’s perfect corner for Cinquegrano, who however fails to turn his head towards the goal: possession is between the feet of Regoli, who does his best by taking a kick from Semeraro.

37′ Cinquegrano bounces the ball off Innocenti for a corner.

35′ Loporcaro awaits the arrival of Cinquegrano, then sets up on his own and crosses at the far post: ball directly at the bottom.

34′ Good descent from Cinquegrano and Loporcaro on the right, the ball is thrown into the area for Baldari who wastes time shooting.

32′ Sassuolo opportunity! Cinquegrano hits Guadalupo quickly and crosses low into the area: the ball manages somehow to Foresta, who defends it with his back to goal but misses the decisive support. Regoli sweeps in a lateral fault.

30′ Empoli Opportunity! Cinquegrano fails by giving a meadow to Guadalupo: right turn without too many stops deflected for a corner.

30′ Excellent shot from Sasanelli for Baldari, but just as good Indragoli to take his time and relaunch his own.

29′ Loporcaro crosses for Baldari, forced to move away again from Loporcaro: the number 11 goes left-handed and shoots too much on the near post.

27′ Sasanelli rewards Mandrelli’s run, who goes deep but substantially supports Campinoti with his direct cross in Baldari’s intentions.

26′ Sasanelli verticalizes for Baldari, gone offside.

24′ Enlightening opening from Lolli for Sasanelli, walled up at the time of the shot. Gesture of disappointment from Cascione, who would have preferred another solution.

23′ Loporcaro recovers a long cross from Sasanelli: his companions can not do otherwise on the next cross from Cinquegrano.

21′ Regoli hits the barrier with a free kick: he has another chance, but shoots it from outside near the corner flag.

20′ Loporcaro tries a useless game until the midfield, Empoli leaves with Regoli, landed at the time of the change of field of Cannavaro. Interesting free kick for Empoli.

19′ Sassuolo opportunity! Bol de Loporcaro with the rounds counted for Foresta, who coordinates and strikes on the fly with a left-handed plate: Innocenti positions itself on the goal line and saves the score, with Campinoti beaten.

17′ Sassuolo Opportunity! Sasanelli concentrates and shoots a straight line from the top of the penalty area: Campinoti stretches and puts his fingertips in the angle.

16′ Baldari starts behind Indragoli and almost overtakes him, but Campinoti comes out of the posts and stretches.

15′ Seeing push from Loporcaro, Sasanelli had pocketed but with the game already stopped.

14′ Cinquegrano loses a bloody ball on his trocar, Guadalupo takes advantage and asks for a one-two which narrowly misses the door with a shot from inside the right.

13′ Guadalupo remains on the ground on the developments of a corner: game momentarily stopped, but possession will be returned to the neroverdi.

12 ‘Lolli hits the net on the fly from the edge of the area: Campinoti takes refuge for a corner.

10′ Held on Cannavaro not recognized by the referee, Empoli arrives at the shot with Regoli who nevertheless misses the face of the goal.

9′ Bucchioni slides the ball on the wing, Mandrelli intervenes by awarding an out.

8′ EMPOLI OPPORTUNITY! The first chance of the day is for the Tuscans: Bucchioni goes to the edge of the surface and unloads a powerful right at the intersection defused by Bonucci’s big dive.

7′ Confused action in the black-green area, with Di Natale stubbornly trying to get past an opponent but Cinquegrano from the ground steadily slips the ball.

5′ Sassata di Crasta on a free kick which hits Panicucci in the back, facilitating Bonucci’s intervention.

4′ Loporcaro surprises Lolli in backlash, forced to hold back an opponent by a tactical foul: the first yellow of the day is for number 8.

3′ Nice throw from Semeraro for Sasanelli, who falls to the ground but manages to catch the ball. Baldari takes it away from him and shoots first: Campinoti well in hand.

2′ Henriksen slips the ball, risking losing it on pressure from Panicucci, but manages to recover the position with a touch in advance.

1′ Di Natale’s first incursion: Semeraro supports a lateral fault.

1 ‘ SASSUOLO-EMPOLI BEGINS! First possession in favor of Sassuolo, who will attack from left to right in relation to the Mapei stand.

15.54 The teams have finished the warm-up and returned to the locker rooms.

15.41 The official Sassuolo-Empoli Under 18 formations branch out: space in Loporcaro instead of Bruno, in Israel for the Under 17 European Championship. -Henriksen in the middle.

Sassuolo-Empoli Under 18 scoreboard


Networks: 42′ Forest (S), 45′ Loporcaro (S), 48′ Semeraro (S), 89′ Ofama (E)

SASUOLO: Bonucci (67′ Lombardo), Cinquegrano, Mandrelli (57′ Incerti), Semeraro (57′ Forte), Cannavaro (C), Henriksen (67′ Cipi), Foresta (57′ Zafferri), Lolli (78′ Boakye), Sasanelli, Baldari, Loporcaro (67′ Sighinolfi).

Available: Corradini, Dangelo.

Coach: Emmanuel Cascione.

EMOLI: Campinoti, Sartini (69′ Kegni), Innocenti, Sabbatasso, Indragoli, Crasta (69′ Ofama), Bucchioni, Guadalupo (84′ Bonafede), Panicucci (C) (53′ Pieracci), Regoli (53′ Menga), Di Noel (46′ Ekong).

Available: Fontanelli.

Coach: Luca Fiasconi.

Arbitrator: Mr. De Angeli from Milan.
Deputies: Mr. Consonni from Treviglio and Mr. Sicurello from Seregno.

Ammonites: 4′ Lolli (S), 84′ Indragoli (E)

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