Financiers, from snowplows to hair banks: here are the means allocated by the Musumeci government

After the ultimate rush last night at the Sicilian Assembly on the financial maneuver to avoid the wage freeze, now for the Musumeci government the game is moving to Rome. To secure the newly approved budget, 830 million euros are needed, ie the sum blocked in the accounting document. Negotiations with the State have been open for days, Economic Counselor Gaetano Armao reassured the Assembly on several occasions during this budgetary session and there is confidence in the favorable conclusion of the negotiations at the MEF.

After obtaining permission to use these resources, the government will have to prepare a settlement resolution and bring it to the ARS: the node is tied to the epoch. After the financial marathon, the class will meet again on May 24, then parliamentary activity will stop for at least a month on the occasion of the administrative elections in Sicily. So if the negotiation with the Mef were to succeed, the adjustment could be done in July before the summer break, otherwise everything will be postponed until September when the other key phase of this 2022 election will come to life: the vote for the regional elections. . We’ll see. Meanwhile, the government is taking over the maneuver at home. And so it is, at the photo-finish.

In the three hours of yesterday in the classroom we found that the synthesis sought and never found in the rooms and corridors of the Palazzo dei Normanni. The mess remains in the center-right: the government has repeatedly fallen under the blows of snipers to the test of the secret vote and it took all the art of mediation to finally define the maneuver with the plastic image of the divisions to Parliament given from the mountain of papers that have been circulating. The government, the “hostile” majority piece and the oppositions, each with their maxi-amendment, more than 200 rules then skimmed by the Presidency of the Ars and the offices which worked tirelessly, in conjunction with the technicians of the General Accounting of the Region, remove a large part of the rules of the three maxis to bring everything back into the financial coverage available: in the end a little less than 20 million. Numerous rules were approved, including maxis and sub-amendments, in a riot of documents that circulated between the government benches, the presidency and parliamentary seats last night. To assemble the myriad of paragraphs, with what was approved in the basic text the previous days, it will take a few days. Among the regulations adopted yesterday, the one desired by the councilor for productive activities Mimmo Turano stands out. This is 30 million euros, rescheduled by European funds, as a contribution to the “shift” of former Blutec employees: approximately 200 former employees who could benefit from retirement support; a regulation on which Turano had had the backing of Fim Fiom and Uilm and which could be functional to speed up the process of relaunching the old Fiat factory on which the Blutec commissioners are working, ready to publish a new call for the allocation of the spaces and this time with a pool of workers easier to relocate to companies that could invest in the industrial zone thanks also to the opportunities of the program agreement and the advantages offered by Zes.

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Bipartisan the norm, wanted by councilor Toto Cordaro and supported by the Front of the Madonite Municipalities of the Real of Piano Battaglia, which allocates 2.2 million euros for snow plows: it is a long-awaited regulation and which will allow the purchase of the vehicles that will give the municipalities the Madonie ( Polizzi, Petralia Sottana, Isnello and Collesano) to accelerate the valuation of the territories and give a change to the many critical problems that have prevented the valuation of Piano Battaglia. 10 million additional contributions concern fishing companies to reduce expensive diesel (regulation of the Attiva Sicilia group): the regional council for agriculture will establish by decree the criteria and methods of payment; 500,000 euros go to historical carnivals, an additional 500,000 euros for women suffering from oncological pathologies and alopecia with a contribution of 300 euros for the purchase of wigs and the creation of a hair bank. And again: 500,000 euros to organizations that manage nature reserves, 100,000 euros to Arpa Sicilia to create the software that will allow them to analyze and process data from the industrial zone monitoring network. An M5 rule allocates 200,000 euros in incentives to citizens who buy an electric car, 400,000 euros goes to the Castelluccio-Tabuna mine site and the security of the neighboring Castelluccio Streppenosa red house; 200 thousand euros to establish the headquarters of the regional wine bar in Vittoria, 100 thousand euros for the municipalities of the province of Ragusa to guarantee access to the sea for people with disabilities through the use of special gangways; 160 thousand euros at the end of the construction process of the Regional Museum of Sciacca.


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