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DRAM: for 25 years in Taranto to launch young people into fashion and textiles

Investing in young people in the region by providing them with the tools and knowledge necessary to enter and impose themselves in the world of fashion and textiles: for a quarter of a century, this has been the mission of DRAM (De Rubertis Accademia di Moda ), founded in 1997 by Maurizio De Rubertis following the family tradition of sewing handed down for generations.

In twenty-five years of activity, DRAM has trained hundreds of engineers and fashion professionals who today work with national brands and in important textile companies in the region, as well as many others who have preferred to open their own personal workshops.

“The greatest satisfaction for us at DRAM – said director Maurizio De Rubertis – is to see our students establish themselves, also thanks to our collaborations with big names in fashion, companies that offer important opportunities to our students to participate in internships and training days in world-renowned workshops”.

A success thanks above all to the DRAM method which provides many highly specialized courses, online and in hybrid mode online and in person, which include subjects such as modeling, fashion design, packaging techniques. company, the design of 2D and 3D models.

Among DRAM’s exclusive teaching techniques is the De Rubertis modeling method, developed after many years of study by director Maurizio De Rubertis, which allows a pattern to be created without the aid of “patented supports”.

In recent years, DRAM has invested heavily in innovative technologies involving the use of computers with dedicated CAD software, in particular by developing a synergistic partnership relationship with Lectra Systems, of which it is the exclusive agent in Puglia for training Modaris and Modaris PGS, today the most widely used software throughout Europe. Maurizio De Rubertis is also a Lectra System teacher, training the personnel of important international workshops in the use of software and automation solutions for fashion design.

One of the main DRAM courses is certainly that of “Fashion design” which, divided into three levels, consists of learning the techniques of making fashion sketches both by hand and using Kaledo Style, Modaris and Diamino developed by Lectra; at the end of the course, divided into three years of attendance, the student will be able to develop his own collection in complete autonomy.

A school of higher education which, despite the crisis that has affected the textile sector due to the pandemic, now aggravated by the war, continues to invest and open up to young people in the territory.

Indeed, during the first 25 years of activity, DRAM has organized numerous initiatives to allow young people to approach fashion and to verify the possibility of transforming a passion into a successful profession.

These include “Training Week”, a completely free training week for young people who want to get closer to the world of fashion, or DRAM Days, four Sundays – from May 15 – during which, from 10.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and from 5.30 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. it will be possible to visit the headquarters, in via Mazzini n.124 in Taranto, to meet the teachers who will illustrate all the DRAM courses (info 3385953262 or e-mail .

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