For Cameron Diaz, family comes first

The family is not affected and comes first. Many mothers are convinced of this and defend this belief which leads them to do everything for their children, giving them the highest priority in life. Of the same opinion is also a famous Hollywood actress, who recently decided to move away from the spotlight in order to be with her daughter. For Cameron Diaz family comes first, even her beauty.

There was a time when all directors wanted Cameron Diaz to star in their movies. We saw her in very successful films like “charlie’s angels“,“ Love does not go on vacation ”,“ Bad Teacher – A bad teacher ”. And he also lent his voice to a very famous cartoon like Shrek. Then suddenly she said enough and walked away from the public arena.

In 2014, in fact, Cameron Diaz has chosen to focus more on privacy, while continuing to play in other films. She did not completely give up her career and, on the contrary, she also devoted herself to other things, such as writing books. She is the author of two books on health entitled “The body book“, released in 2013 and became a bestseller, and”The book of longevity“, released in 2016. But the actress also made a very important choice: to be more with her family, especially with the Raddix girlhad marriage with the musician Benji Madden.

Cameron Diaz is now 49 and aware of the priorities in her life. He loves himself, he knows how to face life and he also knows how to react to passing birthdays, taking care of himself without displaying an eternal youth which, on the contrary, is chased away by many other colleagues and by many other colleagues.

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Cameron Diaz’s privacy is his priority

The actress married Benji Madden on January 5, 2015 at her home in Beverly Hills, Calif., after a 10-month engagement. Galeotta was the actress Nicole Richie, friend of Cameron Diaz and wife of Benji’s brother, Joel Madden. In December 2019, the couple welcomed Raddix, a child born through surrogacy, into their lives. When the young girl was two years old in an interview, the interpreter of many successful films had said that she wanted to move away from the golden world of acting to take back the reins of her life:

I just wanted to feel in control of my life again. My daily routine is literally what I can do on my own. It’s the best feeling, I feel complete.

By doing so, he also has more time to spend with his family:

I met my husband, we started a family, all the things I didn’t have time for before, and not just the time, but I didn’t have the space to make the decisions, the right decision for me at that time.

More recently, Cameron Diaz went against the habit of always criticizing women and stars for their physical appearance:

I am absolutely a victim and I felt objected and exploited by society, a treatment that unfortunately many women are subjected to. Unfortunately, I too have accepted this situation at times.

After all, as you say, it’s hard not to:

It’s hard not to look around and not feel judged by certain metrics of beauty, and I think that’s a situation that carries some weight in society. Over the past eight years though, I was free. I am like a wild animal, with all its strength!

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But currently, she feels satisfied, she loves herself, accepts the changes that time inevitably brings with it. She is no longer mean to herself and knows that she must love her body. Now she looks like this and if she accepted it, why shouldn’t the others do it?

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