from June 16 to 19 extended openings and special events throughout Italy

From June 16 to 19 I the places opened by the Italian Touring Club thanks to its volunteer members come to life with extended and extraordinary openings and special events to make beauty, art and culture accessible to all.

Open for you under the stars is a program to celebrate beauty: the protagonists will be the places of the Aperti per Voi project and the volunteer members of the Italian Touring Club, witnesses of such beauty, engaged in welcoming visitors and in numerous and diverse special initiatives in don’t miss missed.

The cities concerned are already numerous and the program continues to expand: at Mo.Ca di Brescia the reception will be in historical costume, while at the Palazzo Arese Borromeo di Cesano Maderno (Mo) it will also cover unusual spaces and will be extraordinarily associated with a refined cocktail with musical accompaniment; for Rome, visits to Palazzo Borromeo will take place exceptionally in the evening, with an aperitif in the prestigious salons of the Italian Embassy to the Holy See. FOR Milanoin addition to the night openings animated by the stories of the volunteer members of San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore, San Fedele, Sant’Antonio Abate and San Vittore al Corpo, there will be a visit with aperitif to I Tesori della Ca ‘Granda which will include for the occasion the Summer Chapter room, normally not accessible.

Extraordinary openings with extended evening hours also a Naples, Salerno, Siena, Udine, Rovereto, Cremona and Mantua; for Pleasure it will also be possible to discover the castles of Torre Breno and Montebolzone, private spaces that will open the doors to this initiative. Open for you will also be the occasion for initiatives under the sign of inclusivity: in Milan at the Boschi di Stefano House Museum and in San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore, tours with sign language and Ukrainian translationintended for the refugees welcomed in our city.

“Restore beauty by generating beauty – emphasizes Arianna Fabri, Director of Marketing Fundraising and Associative Development of the Italian Touring Club – is the red thread that characterizes our commitment to the promotion and enhancement of the country’s artistic and cultural heritage as the engine of the restart. This is why we want to bring these places to life, with magical atmospheres, under the light of the setting sun, to make beauty, art and culture accessible to all. With the Aperti per Voi project, for 17 years, the Italian Touring Club also wants raise awareness of the experience of active citizenshipraise awareness that the assets of our country are a common good and that it is up to everyone to take care of them”.

The detailed program of initiatives will be available in the coming days on this page. Keep following us!
– All planned initiatives are in support, with donation, of the project Open for you.
– The initiatives are carried out with the support of Vittoria Assicurazioni main partner for insurance, Sicily by Car main partner for car rental and Sorgenia main partner for energy.

“Open for you under the stars” is the result of the experience of more than ten years of the Open for You initiative of the Italian Touring Club in welcoming, thanks to its volunteer members, citizens and tourists in sites of art and culture otherwise inaccessible to the public or open with a time limit. Since 2005, more than 19 million visitors have been welcomed; today there are more than 2000 active volunteer members throughout Italy and 82 places open in 33 Italian cities in 13 regions.

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