Giorgia Palmas’ Pre-Wedding Diet: Here’s What She Did

After becoming husband and wife in a civil ceremony last year, the beautiful Giorgia Palmas and her Filippo Magnini, who have been together for 4 years, decided to say Yes even before God. Sleek, excited and in seventh heaven, the two captivated with videos and snaps of the beautiful day their many fans on Social. And now the woman, a little over ten days later, decided to answer a few postal questions from her followers. She therefore revealed what diet she had followed to arrive at the religious marriage in great shape.

Every woman, from an early age, dreams of a white wedding dress. She wore a suit of the same color the first time she became Mrs. Magnini in common. But for their second Yes in church, the showgirl has a favorite a dream dressall in lace, with a very long train, which made her feel a real queen. And for feel even more on top during That day so special to her, she followed with consistency a very specific dietas he told fans.

Giorgia Palmas, a beautiful bride again for her prince Philip

At the end Giorgia Palmas And his the handsome Philippe, who bears the name of the prince par excellence of fairy tales whom she has loved so much since she was a child, they married a Arabian Nights Ceremony.

Last year, due to the Covid which was spreading with many restrictions in our country, they had to content themselves with a very intimate ceremony and with the civil ceremony. But now, about a year later, the two have decided to remarry religiously speak and in style.

This time she opted for dreamy white dress completed with a veil and a beautiful long train and her outfit made all her fans dream. The fans who took his proposal with great enthusiasm ask him questions about his life, the couple and his marriage.

She dieted to get to the top in marriage

At one point, a user asked him if, given thethe beautiful daylived – certainly – with great apprehension, she had resorted to special aesthetic treatment. Giorgia’s response was quick and – in fact – she immediately replied: “A good leg massage and for the two weeks before I avoided eating sausagesthe, nutella and others to have the best possible skin“.

The woman therefore revealed that she followed a kind of diet in order to appear at the top with the wedding dress which – in fact – was a charm. It is not for nothing that he also added that his choice, that of avoiding certain foods a few days later Yes, ” possesses work“.

A real queen in a white dress

And observing her carefully in the many shots that Giorgia has posted of her – to say the least – much appreciated Official Instagram profile, expertly well managed by her, we can only agree with her! At the top, happy and in love more than ever, lived her love story to the full, surrounded by her family and her closest friends. A waking dream, become a wonderful reality.

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