Good hydration as beauty care for the hair – Time

Good hydration as beauty care for the hair – Time

(Milan, May 12, 2022) – Dr. Elisabetta Bernardi, food science biologist and member of the Sanpellegrino Observatory, explains how taking the right amount of liquids is one of the fundamental elements of hair care

Milan, May 12, 2022 – We know how important it is to drink well for all the main functions of our body and for the normal functioning of our organs; hydration is also a precious ally for the care and maintenance of our hair.

The main functions of the hair are the protection of the skin and the facilitation of homeothermy. Indeed, they protect us from ultraviolet rays and dust present in the air and help regulate body temperature by promoting evaporation, perspiration and therefore keeping the head cool.

Every day, we naturally lose between 50 and 80 hairs, especially with the change of seasons, but stress and especially dehydration can cause greater hair loss. Proper hydration directly affects hair growth and prevents hair loss.

Hair follicles, or the living part of hair located under the skin, are the fastest growing tissues in the body, but when dehydrated they are unable to function properly, like all the organs and tissues of our body. . This rapid growth requires continuous feeding, so much so that some studies have shown that increased blood flow to the scalp helps prevent baldness.

Dehydration, as has been shown, can lead to a decrease in this flow because, when you do not drink enough, blood pressure drops and the organs, including the hair bulb, do not receive the oxygen and nutrients they need. they need. Maintaining normal blood volume is necessary for blood to reach and properly nourish all tissues of the body.

“Staying hydrated also helps promote circulation and sebum production in the scalp, keeping hair follicles healthy and strands strong, thus promoting their growth – explains Dr. Elisabetta Bernardi, biologist specializing in food sciences and member of the Sanpellegrino Observatory – “Good hydration also helps the scalp in the prevention of itching and irritation, and is a complement in the treatment of burns and redness, helping to restore the well-being of the scalp and the beauty of the hair. Good hydration is therefore the basis, not only of our health, but also of the care of our hair. It is therefore essential to drink a sufficient quantity of water throughout the day, favoring those rich in calcium, magnesium and trace elements. »

Finally, mineral water is one of our hair’s oldest beauty secrets. Rinsing your head with mineral water is a simple but effective way to have shiny and thick hair. It has been shown, in fact, that tap water is often too rich in limestone and fluoride, which negatively affect the hair, making it dull and stiff.


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Sanpellegrino is the reference company in the field of soft drinks in Italy, with mineral waters, non-alcoholic aperitifs, soft drinks and iced teas. Its products, a synthesis of well-being, health and balance, are present in 150 countries through branches and distributors on five continents.

Sanpellegrino, as the main producer of mineral water, has always been committed to promoting this essential asset for the Planet and works with responsibility and passion to guarantee a quality future for this resource. A commitment that also involves promoting the importance of good hydration: Sanpellegrino, in fact, supports and disseminates the principles of psycho-physical well-being linked to good water consumption, becoming the spokesperson for “hydration education” through a program that promotes the daily consumption of the right amount of water, according to different needs and lifestyles.


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