Gucci accepts crypto payments. How to Buy Bitcoin and Designer Fashion [6504]

touch-screen-gf617ed1ac_640.jpgGucci’s debut in the world of cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies and the world of NFTs are making their debut and changing different industries. From gaming to entertainment to finance. Nothing seems to be safe from this digital wave. Not even the fashion world. Indeed, who wants buy Dogecoin now he can also buy virtual and real clothes, entire wardrobes and suitcases. Entire universes allow players and avatars to purchase and try on sweaters for fall and costumes for summer.

Offline, stores accept payments in cryptocurrency. The first in the world of luxury is Gucci, which sees not only the value of its work but also the Dogecoin Value. The famous fashion house recently announced its debut in digital currencies.

Gucci welcomes cryptocurrencies

Those who love designer bags, designer shoes and elegant dresses can now buy bitcoin to shop for skirts, sweaters and accessories. For the moment, the novelty is only valid for a few stores in the United States but, if the game is worth the candle, it could soon extend to Europe. For now, this applies to stores on Wooster Street in New York and Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles, as well as other stores in Miami, Atlanta and Las Vegas. From the end of May 2022, this experience will also affect Canadian Gucci stores.

In physical stores, people will be able to pay with more than 10 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Wrapped Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Shiba Inu. How it works? When paying, the user receives a link by e-mail with a QR code. Simply activate the code to make payment via digital wallet or smartphone app with crypto e-wallet. In turn, Gucci can decide to convert the payment into currency or leave it in the form of cryptocurrency.

“Gucci is always open to new technologies,” President and CEO Marco Bizzarri wrote in a press release, “to provide a better experience for our customers.” The use of cryptocurrencies for payments allows the famous fashion house to approach and attract users who choose digital coins. So buying a new Gucci notebook is easy how to buy bitcoin.

This isn’t the first crypto venture for the fashion business. Indeed, the Italian firm has launched two NFT projects via the Gucci Vault platform on the Discord application. These are SuperGucci and Gucci Grail with digital pieces that collectors must buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Both NFT collections include floral motifs, imaginary landscapes and digital sculptures.

Crypto and Fashion

A unique and exclusive crypto debut for the fashion industry in general thanks to all the advantages, such as reaching new customers, enabling payment methods securely thanks to blockchains and an economy full of potential and with fewer restrictions. Of course, Gucci is at the forefront of its industry, even as fashion discovers the potential of cryptocurrencies.

This, both offline and online. For example, the virtual world of Decentraland allows its users to buy clothes for their avatars thanks to the blockchain and with NFT. Offline, Louis Vuitton launched NFT with collections of clothing and accessories, all virtual. Me or the Genesi collection from Dolge and Gabbana. Virtual clothes, but real money. Virtual shopping seems to be the future of the fashion industry.

So much so that there is Crypto Fashion Week held online to celebrate the community of cryptocurrency creators, developers and enthusiasts. In short, the initiative of Gucci is only the beginning of the innovation of the sector.

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