Hair color, the news for spring 2022

Hair coloring spring 2022: there is a desire for escape from the coloring technique. Blond and brown they are enriched with shades stolen from nature that transport the mind to distant paradises. The golden hourthe magic hour when the sun before disappearing behind the horizon radiates a warm golden light, is not the same in the city or at the sea. So, to show light effects on the hair, it is necessary bring all the magic of exotic locations to the living room.

the Bartorelli Salon in Rome who for the new season created the hair collection Sun Barth inspired, of course, by the famous Caribbean island.

Hair color 2022: blondes

Gold is the Red string for blonde hair. The ideal is to create shaded lightning kissed by the sun. To do this, Luca Bartorelli who, together with his brother Simone is the owner of the salon, invented the tropical technique, the 3.0 evolution of the helmet that has been used once and with an exotic touch already in its realization. “Instead of the helmet, we use a straw hat hand woven which has larger holes. From there, in crochet, we bring out the individual strands to be bleached for a diffused effect that this season is inspired by. desert tones”Lucas said. “The tropical blonde it’s the one reminiscent of children’s sun-bleached blonde hair, so we have the blonde effect lemon frostinglemon glaze andgolden honeywith a warmer undertone”.

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This content can also be viewed on the site from which it originated.

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This content can also be viewed on the site from which it originated.

Hair color 2022: browns

Sui Brown hair there is no trace of unwanted red highlights. “The Tropical technique is also used to lighten dark hair. What we do is not make the colors warm as such, we subtly cool them in order to warm the face without those highlights that brunette women usually don’t like. We do this with low volume oxygen bleaching that doesn’t open scales and avoid letting out unwanted tones. The trendy color of the season is brown caramel candies which perfectly balances cold and warm tones,” explains Luca.

Bleaching with the Tropical technique which instead of the cap uses a perforated straw pile.

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This content can also be viewed on the site from which it originated.

Shades of raw almond. For Salvo Filetti, hairdresser at Compagnia della Bellezza, the ideal lightening for brown hair is color raw almond. The almond reflex, in fact, tends to light brown but never yellowed, and to that baked color that belongs to the brown border, neither too hot nor too cold. A shade capable of revitalizing the natural base, illuminating it and giving softness to the movements.

Hair color: Pinterest trends

According to pinterestwhich based on user research is able to identify emerging trends, color trends are seeing an increase in shiny copper hair (+608.3%), Dear brunette (+ 225%) e Red hair with blonde, translates a coppery bronze. With the upcoming new feature that allows you to identify trends with a search by hair type it will be even easier to find inspiration in a personalized way.

And to keep the color always shining

His name is Shinefinity color glaze is the advanced stage of the gloss arriving in Wella Professionals salons from March 2022, the latest generation demi-permanent color care, created to deliver true-to-tone color, with a formula to do the housework cutting edge. Zero damage, zero ammonia, zero silicone, zero alcohol, and no animal ingredients. The heart of the formula lies in respecting the hair during the entire treatment cycle, characterized by a balanced pH technology, designed to regulate and control the pH level throughout the coloring process. It features a slightly alkaline onset, so the cuticles can open to let color molecules into the hair shaft, achieving true-to-tone, reliable color results and a translucent result up to 6 weeks, giving a silky and well-being to the hair.

The 3 Shinefinity treatments are: quick icing: an exposure time of 10 minutes, for a quick shine refill ideal for correcting color or enhancing naturalness – from €20.
Shinefinity Frosting: long-lasting translucent result. 20 to 30 minutes of laying to donate
irresistible shine and a pleasant feeling of softness for the hair – starting with
€40. Glitter fondant frosting: multidimensional color for a modern look with lightening
gradual. Duration of treatment from 90 to 120 minutes – from 90 – 120 €.

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