Hair Damaged by Dyeing or Bleaching: How to Fix the Problem Fast with New Low Molecular Weight Treatments from Beauxury-Milano

After chemical treatmentsLike discoloration And frequent stainingour hair can suffer from damage to structure of keratin, lose its luster and becomefrizzy and laughed at. This undesirable side effect is caused by the bleaching powder, in the event of bleaching, or by the coloring cream associated with the oxygen of the cream, when coloring (or dyeing) is carried out.
In order for the hair to be colored and to receive the color pigment, a chemical oxidation reaction is necessary which changes the PH of the hair, causing the cuticles to open so that it can receive the new color pigment. This chemical process takes about 30 minutes from the time the coloring cream is applied to the hair. Unfortunately, this procedure submit the Hair has a intense stress and inevitably damages the keratin layer present in the outer part of the hair in the long term.

THE professionals hair, unsurprisingly to advise always gods specific treatments for restore the structure of Hairso that the percentage of keratin is properly restored and the hair regain shine, softness and manageability, contrasting so the effect frizzy And laughed atpreventing the formation of split ends.

Unfortunately, we do not always find the time to go to the salon to perform specific treatments. It also becomes essential to perform a specific routine at home, which can help us achieve professional results without much effort and which does not take too much time.

Between Advertisement After interesting that we analyzed, there are gods treatments innovative dermo-cosmetics Low molecular weight that repair the structure of damaged hair, acting directly within it. We have identified among the most innovative companies Beauxury Milanoan entirely Italian company, active in the European and American markets.

Depending on the type of hair, different specific treatments are available and can be purchased in authorized beauty salons, on Amazon and in the OFFICIAL BEAUSURY MILANO BOUTIQUE which also offers personalized advice from qualified advisers.

The most requested treatment is Repairman of hair fibera professional Reconstruction Treatment, to be done even at home, with a natural formula with immediate effectiveness, supported by scientific discoveries that can be consulted directly on the official store.

The Beauxury Milano Pro hair care treatment has a completely innovative formula, among the main ingredients we find:

  • Organic cosmetic snail slimevery rich in Collagen, Elastin, Glycolic Acid and Mineral Salts, a mixture of natural elements that have a dermo-active action on the skin, which promotes and accelerates cell regeneration as also reported by the most authoritative scientific sources, ensuring the good moisturizes and nourishes the hair bulb.
  • Pro Vitamin Complex, innovative repairing molecules with a patented formula that act deep in the hair, rebuilding and fortifying damaged keratin bonds by up to 300%. Results are visible from the first application and improve with consistent use.
  • low molecular weight keratinwhich, combined with precious active ingredients, contributes to the reconstruction of damaged hair by repairing the damage caused by chemical treatments.
  • Plant stem cells they have strong anti-aging and antioxidant properties. The hair is deeply nourished and protected from external aggressions caused by Smog, UV rays and Hot Styling.

In addition, in the case of blond and bleached hair, a treatment specially designed for this type of hair is available. No Pro Yellow Hair Care in addition to repairing damaged hair, thanks to the latest generation violet pigments, it will also restore the shade of blond, counteracting the natural problem of yellowing caused by UV rays, smog and melanin deficiency.

On the OFFICIAL STORE of Beauxury Milano technical details, ideas and tips are available on how to carry out the treatments correctly even at home and achieve excellent results.
Customer support is also available on WhatsApp.

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