Hair loss, treatments to strengthen the hair

THE the numbers speak for themselves. The hair loss it affects between 15 and 20 million Italians, women and men, young or adults. Essentially, this problem it affects women, and almost half of them are under 35 years old.

Between seasonal changes, pregnancy and menopause, it is essential to find beauty rituals that save the hairto do at home and at the hairdresser, to give a new sprint to the change of season.

Hair loss with seasonal changes: stress and pollution among the causes

Especially in seasonal changes – in the transition from autumn to spring – or when returning from vacation in summer, I hair looks more tired and stressed. A second normal condition Stefano Lorenzi, artistic director of Aldo Coppola.

“If at the end of the summer it is the sun and the salt that inflame the scalp, thinning or shortening the life cycle of the hair, in the spring it is them stress and various air pollutants ad weaken the proteins that hold the hair inside the hair follicle, where the shaft originates, causing breakage and split ends”.

Is the hair strengthened by cutting it?

“No, it’s a cliché to dispel, it’s the stalk is made up of dead cells that do not reproduce. In the event of a fall, it is necessary to intervene on the living part, that is to say the bulb at the root attachment where the new cells are born, with special reinforcements” stresses Stefano Lorenzi.

“Cutting them becomes rather essential to eliminate the damaged part in case of breakagethen by intervening with strengthening and sealing treatments on the fiber and on the raised scales which weaken the hair”.

Hair loss, in-salon treatments

“Our protocol Genesis” Explain Massimiliano Rossihairdresser Kerastase, “Strengthening and anti-hair loss, it starts with a deep cleansing, based on detox powder mixed with shampoo, to continue with a personalized shock treatment, Fusio-Dose booster plus anti-hair loss ampoule, plumping and strengthening the fiber”.

Next comes “a serum that acts on the scalp, creating the ideal environment for regrowth. Before styling, we strictly apply a thermo-protective cosmetic that protects from the heat of the straightener and the hair dryer, also excellent for detangling and giving shine”.

Don’t overuse shampoo

And at home, how to settle down? The frequency of shampoos it seems like a negligible detail, but it’s not.

Two days after washing, the hair is already considered dirty forgetting that, just like the skin, the layer of water and lipids of the skin protects us from smog, pollution, atmospheric agents and bacteria.

However, if you need to clean them every day, for example if you play sports and sweat, you should use very little product, do a single pass and do not overlap too many formulas: a mask a few times a week and the thermo-protector every day will be more than enough,” emphasizes Rossi.

How to wash your hair to avoid falling

The way you clean your hair is also important in combating hair loss.

Hair loss, treatments to strengthen the hair

Hair loss, treatments to strengthen the hair

“First we distribute the shampoo on the fingers, then we start to massage it on the skin by diluting it with a little cool or lukewarm water, finally we move on to the lengths. Often we tend to do the opposite, but it is wrong. Temperature is important the cold helps to reduce possible micro-inflammations of the scalpsays Rossi.

“Scratching and rubbing, both when washing and when drying, is always bad, hair is not a fabric that should be stained. The skin is our shield, the more we stress it, the more it acts with a boomerang effectwith the risk of excessively soiling even the natural protection it needs to defend itself from the outside”.

Anti-hair loss massage: how to do it best

“The movement must be performed by placing the palm and fingertip on the skin, massage gently with alternating rotational movements with light pressure» emphasizes the expert.

“Spend a few minutes in front of the mirror for these gestures after applying the anti-hair loss serum or ampoule, exhale and inhale deeply, trying not to tense up or shrug your shoulders. These simple manoeuvres, if repeated constantly, will be a panacea for the microcirculation, which draws from the surface the oxygen and nutrients available to the bulbs”.

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Hair strengthening ampoules or serums, how they work

As for the specific treatment, the best choice is personalized. “According to the needs of each, we recommend massaging the serum or single-dose vials, both containing aminexil, onto a dry surface, or on towel-dried hair after shampoo and mask, every day for the first fifteen days, then descaling if necessary. After six weeks, we invite you to come back to the show to evaluate the results and decide together on the way forward”.


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