Hair: spring summer 2022 haircuts

youThe right haircut can make you look 10 years younger. Here you will find the trendy cuts for spring summer 2022 with an ideal cutting guide for you

Spring often comes with the desire to change Haircut. Looking for inspiration? Here you find the the trendy cuts of spring summer 2022. Look at the photos we have selected spring summer 2022 fashion shows (you can find them in the gallery below) and choose the cut that suits you best. Remember that a good snip can add punch and style to yours watch. And it can even set you back 10 years. You do not believe it ? So let the expert do the talking. Here you will find her tips, cut by cut: which are good for you and the tips for having a perfect hairstyle without having to go to the hairdresser.

Short haircuts for spring summer 2022

A Haircut decisive gives freshness to the look. AND, after 50 years, it even looks younger like a facelift. But which one short haircut Choose? the pixie cutreviewed and corrected in version 2.0, is still the protagonist of the moment.

“Today, with the play of scales, a particular movement is created on the tips and the cut becomes lighter, always depending on the shape of the face” explains Irene Greco, hairdresser in Milan. “Declined in its variants, with the fringe, the tuft, the middle or side parting, the pixie cut is suitable for all. The easiest, however, are the versions with the elongated tuft that allow you to easily change your look: jock if you dry your hair naturally, elegant if you bring them back with a touch of gel, elegant if you shape them with a brush and a hair dryer”.



-Victoria Tomas

– With its moisturizing formula, Styling Cream by Maria Nila (27 euros, on is perfect for setting locks.

– Go Style by styling mousse Jean-Louis David (from 17 euros) is a mousse to apply to damp hair that adds volume and controls frizz.

– Wonder Miracle Fortifying Hair Balm by Professional by Fama (39.90 euros, in salon), with sunflower extract and hyaluronic acid, is a leave-in conditioner that facilitates
styling and extends the style.

Hair: the soft degraded cut

“Abandoned the hyper scale versions which took up the classic eighties mullet (difficult to wear for everyone), today the layered cut it becomes soft and natural” comments Irene Greco. It works very well to give character to the medium lengthto long bob in general. “In this case, the perimeter remains quite full but, inside, segmented scales lighten the lengths and add movement, without ever impoverishing the ends (no frayed effect, in short)”.

How do you wear it soft layered cut? “With a wave of light that sublimates the cut, made with a brush and hair dryer or with a half-turn of the iron” concludes the expert.

– Isabel funny

– Braschi


– At Tod’s

– More texturizing serum inside by Davines ($21.80) has a lightweight shea butter-based formula that enhances soft, natural looks.

– Keep Curl’s anti-frizz formula Frank Provost (from 17 euros, in the salon) is perfect for obtaining soft and elastic curls.

– The Amazing Curls & Waves spray from milkshake (€17.90) can also be applied to dry hair to revive curls.

Spring summer 2022 seventies fringe

“The fringe guarantees a girly look: if you want to refresh your look, it’s always a good idea,” suggests Irene Greco. Fringe Jane Birkin 70s style it’s the perfection. “But now the ‘curtain’ we go a lot too, slightly open and with longer side strands that frame the face. In any case, it must never be too heavy, it must be lightened at the strategic points at the bottom”.

And for those who have wavy hair? “In this case, especially if they are thick, the bangs should be very thinned and flaky. Also pay attention to drying: better always natural or at most with the diffuser. If you want a neater result, try creating dishcloths with your fingers and heat them with the hair dryer”.

– Ports 1961

– At Tod’s


– If you don’t have time to wash your hair or just need to spice up your bangs, try Volume Dry Shampoo Chlorane (14.90 euros, in pharmacies) which, with organic flax fibres, lifts the roots.

– Special effects thermal protector of Diego DallaPalma (€15.50, on creates an invisible film and protects the strands from the heat of straighteners and hair dryers.

Hair: super smooth long bob

Whether it reaches the chin in its shorter version or is elongated and barely touches the shoulders, the long bob is still everyone’s favorite cut. “A good compromise for those who want to change their look without giving up long hair,” says Greco. In this case, for a modern effect, the tips should not exceed the collarbones, a length that works well in full and scaled versions. “But a clever set of scissors is always useful to create movement on the tips. The “crochet” technique performed with classic scissors is also ideal, cutting the interior unevenly, lightening the volumes in a natural way”.

– Monot


– White

– Blankets


– Diamond crystal liquid crystals Biopoint (€15.50), with linseed and safflower oil, brings shine and tames strands.

– Moisturizing Cream Divina BLK (16.50 euros on with shea butter counteracts the frizzy effect of curls and hydrates.

– Jojoba and macadamia oils in the Top10 Multiation Express Serum high sky (10.50 euros, on polish, repair and nourish the lengths, keeping the crease for a long time.

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