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diane, princess of wales 1961 1997 attends a polo match at smiths law, guards polo club, windsor, june 1983 she wears a black muir and osborne sheepskin sweater photo by princess diana archivegetty images

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To watch the perfect waves too Kate Middletonthis hair always in fashion even a few hours from its three parts, with the color dosed at the right point, we end up thinking that the Royal Girls of the greatest European royal families do not let themselves be enchanted by head shots. However, there are those who exceed. There were, in the past, and there still are. There are princesses, heirs to the throne, and duchesses who aren’t afraid to break strict royal protocols. Who let themselves be won over by trendy haircuts and rebellious beauty looks.

Women with crowns or diadems who demonstrate with a new cut or a new color on their heads that they are gifts in the truest sense of the word. That is to say, women of value. As we all. Sensitive to trends, eager to experiment. Or simply to communicate moods or impending changes. As often happened to Diana. The haircuts and hairstyles have always shown her impatience with court life and her marriage to Prince Charles.

Diana Spencer’s androgynous haircut

diana, princess of wales 1961 1997 wearing a pink jasper conran suit and new hairstyle while visiting ealing, london, november 1984 photo by jayne fincherprincess diana archivegetty images

Princess Diana ArchiveGetty Images

cirencester, uk august 09 princess diana watches a polo match in cirencester photo by tim graham Photo Library via getty images

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Diana’s beauty story is littered with ruptures and attacks on British royal protocol. The first hairstyle to make a splash dates back to November 1984. This is the bun “of discord”, thus hit the headlines after having exasperated Queen Elizabeth II. It was created by Diana’s historic hairstylist: Richard Dalton. It was her idea, given the long hair the princess wore after the birth of her second son Harry, to come up with a rather creative hairstyle for the times. During the opening ceremony of the British Parliament, Dalton wrapped Diana’s hair around it to form a circular crown. Everyone was fascinated by it. In the days that followed, there was no more talk of anything in the press and in the street. The ceremony and the queen took a back seat. Much to his dismay.
After the “harvest of wrath”, to avoid a new beauty scandal at court, a careful strategy was put in place. Dalton began cutting Diana’s hair bit by bit, every other day. Until he achieves the result desired by the princess. the change did not attract attention.
But a new era is upon us. As well as a revolutionary cut. The short, androgynous one of the early ’90s. The haircut done by Sam McKnight, then the royal family’s hairdresser, resembled that of the models on the covers of glossy magazines. A cut that eliminated the volume and length typical of 80s hair to give a more minimalist and masculine air to the princess. A hairstyle that became a symbol of a profound change that was taking place in the life of Lady D. After all, shock cuts often reserve a revolution: shortly after, Diana would have formalized her crisis with Carlo and the imminent divorce.

the princess of wales princess diana dressed in tartan on a walk in manchester where she visited the manchester art gallery in moseley street prince charles was also visiting but not pictured on this occasion the bodyguard ken wharfe stands behind princess in black jacket with green handkerchief in pocket photo taken 12 march 1991 photo by andrew stenningmirrorpixgetty images

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Charlene of Monaco’s punk haircut

charlene from monaco


Its cut is definitely the most extreme. Charlene of Monaco, removed from the spotlight due to health problems, has long been the center of it. Especially for his unconditional love for drastic cuts with punk influences. Those that are not considered by the collective imagination are destined for the hairstyles of princesses & Cie. Often imagine with long, flowing hair… But Charlene Wittstock has always been the antithesis of all that. The former Olympic model and swimmer loves short, even very short haircuts. Plus, he loves to shave. Among his most shocking cuts are the double cut (bowl cut at the top, shaved at the bottom) and the undercut (with obvious shaves in the lower and side part of the head). Bold scissors that show the contemporary duality of the Monegasque princess: feminine and androgynous at the same time.

Shatush and giant bows for Sofia from Sweden

baptism of prince julian in stockholm

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Sophie from Sweden, as we know, loves excess. Too long bangs (to completely cover her eyes) and extra wide hair accessories. Like that XXL bow in white velvet supported by a headband, signed by the Swedish brand Headpieces By M, which she wore at the baptism of her third child Julian and which sparked a lively debate on social networks.

The latest portrait of the princess, former model and now Duchess of Värmland, is the shatush shown a few days ago. Forget Kate Middleton’s perfect blends, though. Sofia’s chromatic duality is clear: dark brown on the roots and lengths, and caramel on the tips, come together to give her two-tone hair. This coloring technique, very popular a few years ago, was then replaced by balayage, which allows for a more harmonious and natural lightening result. But maybe Sofia Hellqvist will bring it back.

the swedish royal family attends a concert

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From the brave bob to the natural gray of Letizia from Spain

'woman awards' 2015, letizia of spain, haircut, bob, square, royals, queen of spain, letizia ortiz

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Today, the gorgeous 49-year-old Queen of Spain Letizia Ortiz has been changing her look all the time: from 2015, when she sported a spunky, clean, short and super smooth bob at the Woman Awards in Madrid, until today she shows herself with super healthy and shiny hair, not oppressed by color, a strong sign of acceptance and positive body. But it was this bob that received the most praise: breaking royal protocol, the modern and determined haircut was taken as inspiration and became one of the chicest offbeat looks.

False eyelashes and black nail polish for Meghan Markle

memorial sunday cenotaph service, false eyelashes, meghan markle

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Meghan Markle with her story as a divorced African-American actress, who had just arrived at the English court, helped break many taboos. And certainly if she had one day made the decision to leave her afro hair natural, the same that we see in her photos of child and teenager, she would have won the first place among the most unusual and rebellious hairstyles of the world. European princesses. But the Duchess of Sussex has always chosen to show off her hair in style, perfectly straightened or wavy. Like her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton. During her life at court, however, she did not give up small and large rebellions of beauty. She chose, for example, to wear the false eyelashes (first seen on Remembrance Day 2019) that Diana hated so much. And she decided to color her nails with black nail polish (a color that falls outside the Anglo-Saxon royal protocol color scale) for the British Fashion Awards 2018. So Meghan Markle’s manicure didn’t go through unnoticed. And, as had happened for Diana’s harvest of discord, the day after the fashion event, in the newspapers, social networks and the web, there were only these black fingernails that caressed the belly of the pregnant Duchess, waiting by Archie. Among the most widespread opinions was that the dark color of the enamel was a sign of rebellion and a break with the English royal house. Indeed, within a few months, the Dukes of Sussex would have left England to settle in California…

Between black nail polish and false eyelashes, there’s still time for Meghan’s afro hair at the English court. But maybe their time will come too.

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